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Celebrate the festivities with Lighting in your house

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Welcome the festival of lights in the season with love and lightning. In festivals we light up our house but often lacks ideas on how to do it differently. Make your celebrations with lovely lights. Here are some attractive lightning ideas  which you will surely love to use in this season of festivities. So why think Celebrate the festivities with Lighting in your house. How to decor home with lights in festivals? Lighting ideas to decor house in the time of festivals. Lighting ideas to decor house in the time of festivals : LED lights: These lights are battery operated or they work on electricity. The LED lights have a lot of patterns when they light up which make a magnificent view. You can use these lights in a web or long chain pattern to decorate [...]

Storage cabinet options for your Home

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Storage is the basic needs of any house. This is always a challenging task for home owners to find a perfect storage options for homes. How to add storage using cabinets and furniture which is flexible as well as look elegant and goes in line with space layout. So what are the storage options available to us now a days and how can we used them as per our need. How to add storage using cabinets and furniture inside your home? How we can maximize storage in our homes.  Browse through various storage options below. How to add storage using cabinets and furniture? Wardrobe The modern home has incorporated things which have added immense value to the beauty as well as comfort to the house. One major feature is having a perfect wardrobe which [...]

Protect your home from Rainy season

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Everyone loves to enjoy the rainy weather but protecting the house from the leaky weather is utmost important. Rain is a crucial resource for nature and helps keep our garden space fully blooming. browse through to get few Tips to Protect your home from Rainy season. How to protect your home in Rainy season? Things to do to prevent rains to spoil your home. How to protect your home in Rainy season? However, whereas enjoying the season we must always not forget that tons of rain will become a significant cause of concern for our homes as they will suffer severe damage (leaky) and eventually increase our expenses on repairs providing us with hassles. To safeguard houses from the harsh rainy season we have listed some tips which may come in handy in this [...]

Types of Decorative planters for Indoor Gardening

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What are Indoor planters, what types of varieties in they come? How to select and install them? How to do Indoor gardening with decorative planters? Indoor planters are Pots used to contain beautiful small plants inside it. They comes in wide material choices like wooden, marble, metal or even plastics. Now-a-days indoor planter designs have caught the alluring corners of our homes, offices, shops, etc. The decor plants are a part of enrichment dictionary and with their beautiful colors and freshness they adorn the place around. So when shopping for novel indoor planters or pots or cases, you can easily opt for that not only fits with your embellishments, but also matches the plants that require vindication levels adapting with your mode of life.  Find out for Decorative planters for Indoor gardening Decorative planters for Indoor Gardening [...]

This seasons Hot new Trends in Interior Paint Colors

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Thinking for quick makeover to interiors of your home but don't want to spend a fortune. Then there is no better alternative to start with walls because the color on walls are the most prominent feature which first catch our attention. Remember your childhood where you used to find happiness and joy in the smallest of the things around you? Embrace the inner child in you, it is still there inside you. Be spontaneous and add the bold and bright hues that you have always loved just for the touch of fun. You will feel trapped by safer and wiser choices. The colors you chose should inspire you and they should reflect your personality. Here are a few of the color ideas, you can choose from while painting your house. Let us explore for Hot New [...]

Turn up the Green Thumb: Tips For Urban Backyard Gardening

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Who don't wish to have a lovely small backyard garden to his home. Fortunates are those whose home has scope to have this luxury in these day by day shrinking private spaces.  The lush green kitchen garden attracts the eyes of everybody who enters the place. All you need to do is maintain a good drainage and a sow the ground with seeds. Add color to your home with plants of lovely berries, colorful capsicum, and green vegetables or by raising seasonal fruits and vegetables which are very healthy when eaten fresh. Prepare salads and enjoy the gardening in shady backyards. Image Source: motherearthnews Image source: server1.decornorth Decorate the garden side with cool indoor plants … It is finally a great summer season waiting for the winters to let the flowers bloom in your home and [...]

Beautiful plants for Indoor Green

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Fetching potted plants from the garden to the home definitely adds style, color, freshness to your living zone. The indoor plants add spirit and freshness thus filling up your interior with full positive vibes. so How to choose Plants to create Indoor Green? Look up for cute little plants which do not need constant sunlight to blossom. Presence of such greens in the house cleans up the air we breathe and makes the space pretty much lively and full of zeal, basically it is a treat to the eyes when you bring nature in your dwelling space and use it as a decoration tool. Tips on choosing Beautiful plants for Indoor Green. How to choose Plants to create Indoor Green? Image Source: hamsayeh These fancy air purification machines are planted in untouched corners of the [...]

How to do Interiors for Small spaces by using Multipurpose Furniture

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How can we plan interiors for small spaces in a smart way to maximize space utilization, functionality and yet aesthetically appealing. Scroll down further to get few experts tips of using multipurpose furniture to increase the space efficiency. Rethink and plan a small makeover for your home We hear a lot about diverse sorts of interior design but here we will focus on interiors involving small spaces. Nowadays it’s so tough to find space in crowded cities. Making the best of little spaces we will introduce you to excellent furniture’s and interiors which use minimum space are by functional yet creative. Well-designed home products will save spaces for you and make small bedrooms, bathrooms very spacious. #1 Multipurpose Drawer Staircase: It is a staircase which has good space for shoes and sandals. The rack [...]

Eight reasons to choose Modular Kitchen over tradition one

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why should we choose Modular kitchen over traditional one simply because the modular kitchen is the best way to decorate your food station, only it can provide for choices for wide variety of appealing colors, fancy efficient tools, drawers, smooth tables and cute cabinets which ultimately make the kitchen fully functional. #1 Gorgeous Kitchens that are easy to pull together disassemble and reconstruct: This attribute is the highest attractive factor of a modular kitchen that the complete kitchen generally ranks good on high mobility factor since it can be rearranged from time to time. This is a pleasing option as you don’t have to create chaos every time you want to switch places for kitchen or move to different flats. They can be easily repaired and reconstructed. Image Source: mebelkart […]

Six Tips on How to style up your Kid’s Room

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How to style up your kids rooms or create a space which is more than just a room for your kids. There are few of amazing but simple ideas, you can implement depending upon your budget. #1 Fancy Furniture Add the magic to your baby’s room by adding lovely little comfortable and colorful custom made furnitures for your kids room. Try adding curtains to the room which create a cartoon team or the cartoon family on the curtains. Image Source: homeworlddesign.com […]