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Terrace Garden, Indoor Greens and vertical Green walls are latest trends now a days in Residential, commercial & Institutional projects. Lack of Green areas in public and outdoor spaces compelled urban inhabitants to look for alternatives spaces inside building premises to compensate for loss of outdoor green spaces. Creating Indoor Greens not only give a natural aesthetics to indoor spaces but also contribute towards a healthier indoor environments. Terrace gardens are also becoming a new fav as wonderful carefully curated spaces for personal and social uses. Creating a beautiful indoor green need a careful planning more than just choosing plants. Apart from good design, It further require proper installation and regular maintenance too. Designwud can provide for the best of Landscape, Terrace garden, Indoor Green consultation in Delhi Ncr.

Reasons to go for Indoor Greens

DesignWud- Top Urban Indoor Green planner & consultants in Delhi NCR

DesignWud offers its services for Urban landscape, Terrace Gardening, Vertical Green Walls for Residential, offices and commercial projects in Delhi NCR and other areas. We undertake Design, installation as well as horticulture maintenance. DesignWud can help you to create an awesome terrace garden in your Home, offices, commercial and recreational areas.

If you planning to create Indoor green within your premises, let us know about your requirements. DesignWud-Top Urban Indoor Green planner & consultant in Delhi NCR. Clubbed with our expertise in Interiors, DesignWud can provide you for the most viable solution within space and commercial limitations for Landscaped parks, Terrace gardens, Green walls. Get in touch of us to know more, we will happy to provide you to assist you for the same.

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