Interior Turn Key services

A typical Civil or Interior project, however small it is, involves multiple types of materials, tools and manpower skills. Coordination with multiple peoples even in small project become a nightmare for most people. Any mistake due to wrong material, tool or faulty workmanship result in resource wastage, project delay and increased cost. To save our clients from all these nuisance, DesignWud offer Top Interior Turn key services in Delhi NCRHere we deal with every aspect of project from conceptual design to material procurement, vendor selection and execution on site, so that you can focus upon your work.

One single agency in control of whole project means better coordination, faster execution, better cost control and single accountability. Instead of dealing with multiple of agencies, you just need to contact us for any assistance, complain or query. All task remain with one agency means greater accountability on its part. Even after considerable time, if there is any fault occur either due to material or installation, you have to just reach to us. We will try to help you in any possible manner to rectify things or provide you for best possible suggestion.

Top Interior Turn key services in Delhi NCR

Complete Turn Key contract enable us to provide interior services at most affordable rates as we have more flexibility with designs. We can tweak specifications and designs according to budget so that you don’t have to compromise with your dreams.

Scope of Work

Fixed price and transparent payment terms-

DesignWud as a Turn key services provider, there is no fear of cost escalation and frequent payment demands. Upon finalization of concept design, we will give you quotation with itemise description of work along with estimated quantities. All terms and conditions will be first mutually agreed upon and then documented with signed from both parties to avoid any discrepancy in understanding.  In case of any deviation from original plan either requested or required after execution begin. The impact on project will be discussed, agreed and documented before any actual application on site.

Single mode of communication for all your queries-

We will assign a dedicated capable person as a point of communication. For any query, assistance or complain, you just need to call or leave a message to concerning person. He will be responsible to resolve your query within reasonable time.

Complete services from concept design till execution on site-

With DesignWud as a Turn key solution provider, you don’t need to worry for anything about your project. A dedicated team of experienced Interior designer and contractors will collectively work towards your project from very starting to final finishing stage. We will take care of everything from material procurement to installation on site.

Daily project updates and quality check-

With our project management team also on board, you don’t need to worry about quality execution and timely delivery. You will have access to daily project progress report so that you remain aware of actual onsite happening even without visiting there.

Top Interior Designer in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon & Ghaziabad

Designwud is one of Top Interior designer and turn key service provider in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon & Ghaziabad. We have proven past track record of designing & executing Interior projects in Delhi NCR & other Metros.