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Top Hotel & Hospitality Interior Designer in Delhi NCR

In terms of Architecture and Interiors, Modern hotels transformed rapidly in need of adaptability to respond social changes by using creative solutions. To provide highly personalized experiences to its customers, hotels owners are experimenting From Lobby design to rethinking guestroom configurations. Hotels are no longer just a place to night stay for business travellers but becoming a sort of destination in itself. So now Architects and interior designers have now a days much challenging task before them to create a unique design which can give a Hotel its own distinct identity. DesignWud is Top Hotel & Hospitality Interior Designer in Delhi NCR.

There are several new trends in Hotel design, a few of the listed below.

Entrance Lobbies as a multi uses spaces

Magnificent entrance lobbies are always there as the most promising feature in Hotel design to create first big impressions upon customers. Though they are now a lot more than just as reception and waiting lounge. They became a place of meeting & interaction by using creative space segmentation providing both intimate and social zones. More extravagant entrance features in today’s hotel interiors include large green walls, indoor waterfalls, large chandeliers and multimedia stations.

Rethinking Guestroom Configurations

No longer is the case when classic Bed-Table-Wardrobe-Tv unit combos are enough to make a fabulous hotel room. In fact, now Hotel rooms offers creative office spaces for business travellers, good looking TV panels and an extra couch next to the king-sized bed to attract regular business travellers.

Not Just a Restaurant, But a Destination in Itself

As we have said it earlier, Hotels are no longer just a place of stay, these are trying to become a memorable space through design. Themes are in high demand, pushing creativity to new heights and turning each venue into a destination in itself.

Green Features

Sustainability remain often neglected as well as delicate issue for hotel designs, as it usually tends to increase short term costs. Still as looking and acting Green becoming trendier, clamour for this is growing in. Over-sized windows for natural lighting, natural building materials, green walls and green roofs, recycling bins for guests, electronic water faucets, and greywater recycling are few of current hotel trends for staying green.

A Home Away from Home

Everything whatever said above holds true but still there is one basic concept of Hotel design that More than anything, hotel rooms should provide comfort. That special feeling of home away from home. No matter how luxurious, technology friendly and weird-themed the room, coziness will always remain a major factor to consider.

Good designed Hotel and hospitality interiors needs a mix of design creativity, space planning, functionality and technology. So, if you are planning for Hotel, resort or any creative venture in hospitality segment, you should always rely upon A good Hotel Interior Designer. Hotel Interior designers at DesignWud knows the core concept of hospitality interiors.  DesignWud is Top Hotel & Hospitality Interior Designer in Delhi NCR. To discuss your project, get in touch of us at 9717079918 or fill your requirements here.

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