Modular Kitchen Design Ideas

Kitchen is the Heart of your Home. Food shapes your body and nourish your thoughts. A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Create a Functional Kitchen but don’t forget its aesthetics. Combining functionality with aesthetic is a key. So how to create an ultimate Food station? How to create a kitchen so good, you want to come here again and again. Discover beautiful Modular Kitchen Design Ideas here.

An Introduction to Modular Kitchen

What is a Modular kitchen and why it called so. It is a synonyms for modern kitchen designs which combine optimized use of space with functionality. Basically these kitchen used various standardized set of modules (cabinets), made from variety of available materials and technology. These modules contain various kitchen accessories inside. 

Modular kitchen consists of several components like base & overhead cabinets, Tall units, counter top, back splash, sink, wall units, drawers, internal accessories, kitchen appliances like chimney, hobs & built in ovens. Few high end kitchen also contain In built refrigerator, dishwasher & ovens. Modular Kitchen designs come in various shapes like L-shape, U shape, Island kitchen, Linear or parallel shape depend upon available space configuration. Aesthetically modular kitchen varied as per choices made regarding materials like laminates, paints, back splashes, counter top stone & tiles. 

Latest trends and designs for Modular Kitchen

Discover here for latest trends and designs for Modular Kitchen.  Choose for what appeal you most and best suited for space constraints and let your kitchen designer make a Perfect Food station for your home. 

Natural Wood Minimal Kitchen

L-shaped Elegant White Modular Kitchen

U shaped Wood Finish Modular Kitchen

U shaped White Finish Modular Kitchen

Linear White Finish Modular Kitchen

Serene White clean design Modular Kitchen

L shaped Open Design Modular Kitchen in Dark wood & white with round corners

L shaped Modular Kitchen in Dark wood & white with Lights

L shaped Modular Kitchen in Natural Wood with centered Glazing

L shaped Modular Kitchen in Natural wood

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