Project Management Services

Construction Project Management consultants

DesignWud has a team of project planners and technical consultant to provide for project management services. We provide PMC for any kind of project, whether it is a construction project or corporate, retail interior. For large scale construction and interior project, project management is an important aspect, which acts as a bridge between client and contractor. The project management consultant is an instrument to supervise the project execution on behalf of its client. It prepares the road map for timely execution of project within budgeted cost. DesignWud provide for Top civil/ interior project management services in Delhi NCR through our highly qualified team of project planners and managers. We are one of top construction project management consultants in Delhi ncr.

DesignWud- Top civil/ interior project management services in Delhi NCR

As a Construction project management consultant, DesignWud assist its client in every step of project execution from initiation to final commissioning. We prepare project execution plan, execution schedule, assess manpower and do inventory management. Our team of professionals assist client in obtaining necessary regulatory approvals. We prepare safety document and do safety audits to minimize the chances of onsite accidents. DesignWud provide support for contracts preparation and vendor negotiation. As a client representative, we ensure that project execution doesn’t lag construction milestones. In possible case of project delay, we suggest remedial steps to bring project on track.

DesignWud assist its client in selection of contractors and vendors. We also facilitate price negotiation with vendors. Our decades of experience in this sector help us to identify and select the most right person for required job. We can also provide support for material selection, preparation of construction specifications, Bill of quantities and material procurement. We have access to vast network of material suppliers and service providers, which help us to negotiate harder to get the right product at the most affordable cost.

Scope of project management services:

  • Project execution planning and scheduling.
  • Specifications and Bill of quantities
  • Assistance in Regulatory approvals.
  • Setting milestones to ensure timely completion of project
  • Preparation of contracts and vendor negotiation
  • Vendor selection
  • Inventory management
  • Construction Quality check as per specifications
  • Risk assessment and safety check.