Tips on How to make your bedroom cozy

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Dreaming of a completely amazing bedroom? Want to snuggle in your comfy and soft bed? You want your bedroom to be looked absolutely cozy? We’ve got something that will surely interest you. Your bedroom is the place where you sleep and take rest. Perhaps, in order to get a cozy bedroom, you do not need to spend too much. So How to make your Bedroom cozy ? We have tips that will help you have a pocket friendly, beautiful, and cozy bedroom altogether. How to make a cozy Bedroom? Figure out how you can change your room with color The very first thing you need to do is figure out what differences would coloring make to your room. The bedroom walls should be painted with warm hues like reds, yellows, or earth tones as these [...]

Celebrate the festivities with Lighting in your house

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Welcome the festival of lights in the season with love and lightning. In festivals we light up our house but often lacks ideas on how to do it differently. Make your celebrations with lovely lights. Here are some attractive lightning ideas  which you will surely love to use in this season of festivities. So why think Celebrate the festivities with Lighting in your house. How to decor home with lights in festivals? Lighting ideas to decor house in the time of festivals. Lighting ideas to decor house in the time of festivals : LED lights: These lights are battery operated or they work on electricity. The LED lights have a lot of patterns when they light up which make a magnificent view. You can use these lights in a web or long chain pattern to decorate [...]

How to design a nursery for your baby

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Decorating a nursery is extremely exciting and encouraging at an equivalent time. To start with just find a small room and a corner for the delightful baby area which must be safe. For a first time parents, it is a challenging task to How to make a Baby nursery at Home. So here are some advice on How to design a nursery for your baby? How to make a Baby nursery at Home? It is a decent plan to treat the baby area just like the remainder of your home, and not to isolate the place with no decorations or creativity. We know that sanitation and cleanliness is important but we can add creativity and make the place delightful. It has been said that the colorful and creative areas help in proper development of a baby [...]


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A Good Indoor lighting plan is an integral essence of Interior design. Lighting has tremendous capability to affect the environment which further dictates the moods and behavior of its occupants. A well-lit house is a factor of beauty. Done right, lighting sets the mood and heightens our enjoyment of area, furniture, art and ornament. Smart lighting strikes that pitch-perfect note between practical and feel-good, and doesn’t draw an excessive amount of attention to itself. On the flipside, unhealthy lighting is that the visual equivalent of a rude jolt basically not possible to ignore. When you think about decorating the room just look for the layers of lightning sources and locations it suits best. Image Source:  ILLUMINATING ALL ZONES   Smart lighting is always superimposed, and comes from multiple sources not just one bulb in some corner [...]

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