8 Creative design ideas for Bathroom feature wall

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Your bathroom is the place that deserves to be good planned as well as stylish. Each part of it should look adorable. Especially, the feature wall of your bath area should be the most attractive part to look at. So how to make a feature wall in Bathroom? As an example, a feature wall covered in mosaic tiles can provide your simple bathroom a much-needed lift. The back wall of bathtub and shower (placed side by side) in your bathroom can be fitted with tiles and the areas would look tied up together. Here are 8 Creative design ideas for Bathroom feature wall: How to make a feature wall in Bathroom? The Contemporary Style creams and peaches, took over soft pastel shades and beige tones over the past few years. The tiles [...]

How to give bathroom a contemporary makeover

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A Bathroom is an Integral as well as important aspect of home. As we are always looking for new ways to decorate our houses, you must have noticed that home decor has gone through a major transition both externally and internally. If you're a fan of the recent trends, we will help you take a look at some of the very latest bathroom remodelling ideas. Let us see how you can give your bathroom a contemporary look. How to give bathroom a contemporary makeover? What are the Elements of Modern Bathroom styles, which you should consider while designing a Bathroom. Elements of Modern Bathroom styles: Minimalistic Design Modern design is mainly simplistic yet classy design. You have to make sure that you are keeping the space clutter free at all times. Get built-in shelves and cabinets made [...]

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