While discussing their project with designer, generally the first thing, people ask -“What are the charges for Interior design & consultation?” . Actually, there can’t be a simple thumb rule to predict this. It is important to understand that there is no one yard stick, which can dictate fee for interior designing. It depends upon many factors.

What are the charges for Interior design & consultation?

Project Type:

Scope of Interior design vary from project to project. It might be Interiors for a humble residence, office, retail showroom or restaurant. Every project has different set of requirements and need a different design approach. Commercial interiors like that’s of restaurants, clubs, retail showrooms, fitness centres or hotels are often more complex than residential interiors. While residential interiors are governed majorly by client’s aesthetic taste, commercial interiors must take its ultimate users into consideration. For commercial projects, Interior design has its major impact upon ultimate user experience which in turn affect business in long run.

In Residential or simple office projects, usually there is lump sump charges quoted as per area under work scope. For commercial projects, it is usually based upon fixed percentage of total cost of interior work or rate per sq ft of Interior project area.

Work scope:

Fee for Interior design also depend upon how much assistance, you require from your designer. Few clients want full involvement of designer from beginning to end of project with detailed drawing, specification, material selection and multiple site visits. The other hand, few want a couple of consultation with a simple interior layout and illustration as reference. So, Fee structure also depend upon kind of services, you are looking from your designer.

General scope: Interior design services:

  • Client discussion and understanding of project requirement.
  • Site visit.
  • Preparation of draft sketch plan and subsequent client discussion.
  • Final Interior Plan with furniture layouts after approval upon Draft design.
  • Furniture/ interior Details and material specifications.
  • Assistance in selection and procurement of furnishing items, wallpapers, artefacts etc.
  • Assistance in selection of contractors and contract negotiation.
  • Preparation of tender document (For commercial projects).
  • Guidance and instructions to contractor as per requirement.
  • Bill of quantities and execution planning and scheduling.

For more information for consultation charges, get in touch with us at DesignWud- Top Interior designer in Delhi NCR to discuss your project. If you have any budget constraints or specific requirement, we will customize our work scope accordingly.