This is a common confusion among common peoples- “What are the key Differences between Interior designer & Interior decorator ?” Though from a non-technical perspective, both of two terms Interior designer and Interior Decorator looks same. While in fact, there is considerable difference between two terms. So how to differentiate between two. Let’s know how two terms differ?

What are the key Differences between Interior designer & Interior decorator ?

Academic Qualification:

Qualification is a key difference; An Interior designer is a qualified professional either as an Architect or Interior designer from a legally recognized institution. Apart from academic qualification, he or she should also have gone through practical internship/ training under some experienced professional. In contrast, an Interior decorator is not necessarily a qualified person by education and training. He or she may be anyone either by virtue or by hobby.

Technical competency:

Most people think Interior designing is just as a selection and combination of materials, colours, artefacts and other miscellaneous décor elements. In fact, this holds only a part truth, Interior designing also incorporate various building elements like its sub structure and services. An Interior designer must have sound understanding about various services like electrical, plumbing, firefighting or HVAC, which are essential part of any building now a day.  Any unqualified person acting as an interior designer or decorator can cause a great harm to any building and its occupant owing to his or her ignorance about building system.

So, Interior designing is not just about furniture & furnishing, wall coloures and decoration but it holds a technical value too. Every project has a different set of requirements. As an example, Interior design for a hospital is completely different from that of hotel. The same way it is for a retail showroom and restaurant. Inside an office, a good Interior design can tremendously boost workers output, while in restaurant or shop it can attract a good customer footfall.

So, in short, the basic difference between an Interior designer and decorator lies in technical competence. An Interior designer is a qualified professional while an Interior decorator is simply someone doing it as a hobby or a living means.