Who don’t wish to have a lovely small backyard garden to his home. Fortunates are those whose home has scope to have this luxury in these day by day shrinking private spaces.  The lush green kitchen garden attracts the eyes of everybody who enters the place. All you need to do is maintain a good drainage and a sow the ground with seeds. Add color to your home with plants of lovely berries, colorful capsicum, and green vegetables or by raising seasonal fruits and vegetables which are very healthy when eaten fresh. Prepare salads and enjoy the gardening in shady backyards.

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Decorate the garden side with cool indoor plants …

It is finally a great summer season waiting for the winters to let the flowers bloom in your home and fill it with smell of lovely blooming plants. The temperature is apt and you can enjoy lovely morning breakfast in your kitchen garden just create a space in center which is shady and has colorful and lovely smelling plants around it. You can decorate the garden side by indoor plants like Zamioculcas, small cactus trees in stone covered pots.

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You will have beautiful look when you will do plantation in your garden right in front of your living room. As every time you look out of the window you will admire the beauty and cool, fresh wind will fill in the room.

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Lovely colors……

The wonderful Medinilla is a plant which is a real lady like beauty which stands out in the garden. The pink flowers are amusing and majestic which fill the complete space with smell of bell like flowers.

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The Urban Side…..

Growing your own special vegetables and aromatic plants is very satisfying .Even if you’re novel to gardening and reside in an apartment or tiny place, you are still proficient to try out your green thumb.There is a huge population in world tremendously increasing annually but the human agricultural resources are limited. But here is also a budding set of elucidation, from organic gardening to incorporated pest control.

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Seeing your favorite veggies grow day by day is gratifying……

An advantage of urban agriculture is that it can add vegetation to cities, dropping harmful overflow, increasing shading, and contradicting the objectionable heat island effect. Backyard/Garden plots can assist people reconnect with Mother Nature, and grow a superior admiration for where our foodstuff comes from (organic). A good example to include this urban gardening is including rooftop for such gardening. We also get the clean, fresh, pesticide free veggies and we are encouraged to eat in season.

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Be your own Backyard hero ……

In the simple form the kitchen garden fabricates fresh vegetables, fruits, and herbs for scrumptious healthy meals. The best part about kitchen gardens is that it gives a lush green look to the house. You don’t have to worry about the space as you can make a kitchen garden on roof top, backyard or at the entry of your mansion.

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