Thinking for quick makeover to interiors of your home but don’t want to spend a fortune. Then there is no better alternative to start with walls because the color on walls are the most prominent feature which first catch our attention. Remember your childhood where you used to find happiness and joy in the smallest of the things around you? Embrace the inner child in you, it is still there inside you. Be spontaneous and add the bold and bright hues that you have always loved just for the touch of fun. You will feel trapped by safer and wiser choices. The colors you chose should inspire you and they should reflect your personality. Here are a few of the color ideas, you can choose from while painting your house. Let us explore for Hot New Trends in Interior Paints colours.

#1 Vibrant Pink

The name of the color is itself enough to set that energizing mood in you. Most of the females love pink. However, it is not so now.  Pink and its hues are now trending in many of the houses across the world and making the most beautiful rooms. You can spice up your bathroom with the hot and vibrant pink shade. It is one of the favorite girly shades and you can contrast it with black and white tiles.


#2 Layered White

Whites have been trending since decades and are still preferred in many of the homes. They resemble peace, harmony and serenity of the house. The room or the house looks brighter and lit up as white reflects light. The inter play of whites along with light creates subtle beauty. You can select from a variety of whiter hues such as bright white, dull white, off white, etc and play with these colors as per your desires. It gives your room a touch of sophistication and royalty.



#3 Color Pops

The bright pops of color are highly trending this season. Combine it with white or lighter shades or give a touch up of these brighter shades in your room to make your room look attractive. You can either choose a single color or a combination of more to give your room a funky look. This trend is loved by most of the people across the world.

#4 Sunny Shade

Yellow is always ready to brighten up your room. Bright yellow, lemon yellow, vintage yellow, etc are mostly used yellow hues amongst people. It gives a sophisticated look to the house and makes it look brighter. Light will be more reflected in the room and you will feel freshened up always.


#5 Ocean Blue

Calming and graceful, the ocean blue shade envelops and represents space. This hue looks royal and the darker shade reflects sophistication and royalty. This shade is preferred by the blue lovers and playing with the shades of blue is simply fun. This shade of blue looks very rich and gives you a special feel.


#6 Bold Shades

A warm coral shade evokes a tropical feel even when you are miles away from a beach. You can create a coastal theme by selecting the warmer shades of coral and teaming it up with hues of brown, red and sometimes hues of blue. The look of your room will be very rich and will make you feel as if you are on the tropical side of the world.


#7 Citrus Hues

The citrus hues are great colors to transform your room. You can complement these shades with a shade of dark blue to achieve the creative and fun look to your room. These are the most trending shades now and they totally change the makeover of your room. Get ready to get praised by all by choosing these shades.

#8 Natural Green

The coming trends are vast and diverse when it comes to the hues of green. The shades inspired from the nature are perfect for your home that gives a fresh and earthy feeling. The lighter shades like the fresh mint and the airy green are also widely chosen by people. These hues give u a restful feeling and keep your mind calm and peaceful.


#9 Purple Hues

The shades of purple are bright and bold and give your room a royal touch. The shades are glamorous and change the makeover of your room. Add these shades to your room to get praises from people around you. Feel the change in your room and let people appreciate your choice.




#10 Grays

Grays are the one of the most sophisticated colors that people chose from. They give a rich look when combined with white and black. You can choose from a variety of hues of grays and select one, or select a combination of two or more, depending upon your choice. This color will give your room a touch of royalty and sophistication.



These color trends are the most widely used today among people across the world. Go ahead and play with the colors of your choice. Do not hesitate to experiment with colors because once you decide to have a makeover to your room and you are done with, you are going to love your new room and appreciate yourself for having a wise decision. You will have happiness and satisfaction for yourself and your family and apart from it, get praises and compliments from the people around you regarding your choice of colors and the interior color designs. You can choose from a variety of colors and designs and look for the best that suits you. Don’t give it a second thought, just do what your inner child wants.

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