Walls are the most prominent visible feature which dictate the looks of your home. Hence the look of the walls is one of the major aspects to consider when decorating any space. You can choose between paint and wallpaper, and both have their pros and cons. However, wallpaper has many advantages over paint when it comes to creativity and ease of application. What are the Types of wallpapers available now a days? How to select a wallpaper ?To get answers, follow expert’s tips for Wallpaper ideas & selection below.

How to select a wallpaper ?

Wallpaper has indeed undergone important innovations and come a very long way in current decades. Fortunately, you don’t have to deal with the repulsive floral patterns and its nightmarishly complicated application nowadays.

Wallpaper Ideas and Selection

Modern wallpaper, undoubtedly offers some of the largest design selections in the home decorating world. You have options to choose from an array of colours, designs and patterns which can be used to go with any type of your decor ideas. Don’t confuse yourselves with word paper, these wallpapers come in variety of materials like with a mix of vinyl and fabrics too.

Now if you want to give wallpaper a chance while doing home decorations, you have to keep in mind that different types of wallpaper work better in particular spaces. Let us explore more

Beautiful Wall paper ideas

Types of wallpapers

The most common types of wallpapers available are: vinyl wallpaper and standard patterned paper. Vinyl is not only popular but also more durable because of its protective coating. Most wallpapers are fixed on the wall using the similar method, though there are minor modifications with some of them. The most important thing is to choose the right wallpaper understanding the effect it would have on the final outcome of your room.

Paintable papers:

There are types of textured wallpapers that are particularly designed to be painted. The most common example is Woodchip paper. They provide bother the benefits of Wallpaper and paint. You achieve your preferred texture through wallpaper and further paint it with your favourite colour.


Vinyl Wallpaper:

This is the most popular wallpaper which is perfect for all areas of the house. It is highly durable, light resistant and also provides an easily wipe-able facade. The durability varies according to the grade of vinyl that you’re using. This is the most useful in practical conditions where things are for rough uses. It offer fabulous luxurious designs and comes in 3D effects as well.

3D Vinyl wallpaper

Standard Patterned Wallpaper:

This is also very popular and manufactured in different varieties. This classic wallpaper adds grace and elegance to houses. Since it is not as durable as vinyl, it is ideally used where it is less likely to be damaged, for example in bedrooms, dining and living rooms rather than kitchen. The same logic dictates its uses in private homes rather than public buildings.

Traditional Wallpaper designs

Standard patterned wallpaper

Hand-painted paper:

This type of wallpaper is only manufactured by professional suppliers. It gives a breathtaking finish but usually very expensive. They are more of a piece of handcrafted Art rather than just a wallpaper. So an elegant sophisticated choice for equally elegant space.

Hand painted Wallpaper

Hand painted fantasy wallpaper

Fabric Vinyl Wallpaper:

It’s by far the most durable of all types. Fabric paper is resistant to cleaning and scrubbing, it is usually more expensive than Vinyl Coated Paper. It’s used more in commercial spaces than residential as it is well-known for being resistant to extreme weather conditions including excessive staining and recurrent cleaning. They further comes in two types

Coated Fabric :

This wallpaper is a fabric subsurface with a coating of liquid vinyl or acrylic. The decorative layer is printed on this coating. This has a porous surface, which makes it slight breathable so it is advisable to be used in low moisture rooms and areas like living rooms.

Fabric Vinyl Wallpaper

Fabric Backed Vinyl :

This wallpaper has a substrate laminated to a solid vinyl decorative surface. Solid vinyl is vinyl film laminated to a fabric or paper sub element. Since Vinyl is solid, it is generally tougher than fabric base or paper based vinyl. It is recommendable where great degree of great degree of washability, scrubbability and durability is desired.

Fabric Vinyl Wallpaper rolls

There are various other wallpapers that may need the use of a precise installation process. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s guide in such cases, especially if you are using natural papers like silk or hessian.

Though we can use wallpaper for most of the areas of House, but still few types are more suitable for particular areas than others. So try to make your selection with good information and research. However, it is important to consider and visualize the effects of different designs and patterns may have to the final outcome of your space. You may even want to consult with the professionals who will help you choose the right wallpaper by showing you the graphic representation of the final outcome.

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