Fitness industry seeing a booming business for last few decades. Now even serious players and various corporate are coming to this segment, giving rise to serious competition within. Fitness centres now a days are more than just collection of equipment for physical exercises but overall health and well being development, so the indoor environment need to be mix of roughness and sophistication. Let us explore, how to create a trendier designer modern gym indoor interior and whats are Contemporary Interior Trends to make Modern Gymnasium.

Light & Colours:

The ideal location of a fitness centre is vast space with high ceilings and large windows providing wide horizon views. The purpose is to make space look bigger and wide.  But in the case, where a Fitness centre is to be located in basement or a space with little exposure to natural light and view, there emphasis should be on to add more lights and colours to indoor elements such as floor, walls and ceilings. Dark ceilings with hanging lights, walls with cool graphics and painted with warmer tones add versatility to space.

Ceiling Design:

Ceiling design_Gymnasium

In general, now a day’s, bare ceilings with darker shades are more in common and they certainly look cooler and trendier. The other option is to go for traditional gypsum board ceiling or panel ceilings. While it may depend upon what your personal aesthetic taste, but there needs to be few technical considerations as well, like prevailing ceiling height and acoustics. If ceiling height is good and beams are of considerable depth, you should go for bare ceilings with darker tones and hangings lights. In the case of ceiling height is low, then grid or Gypboard ceiling with cove/ panels lights should be a options. The one more reason for using Grid ceiling in small areas because of need of acoustic treatment and reflective ceiling.

Rugged Surface Textures:

Surface textures_Gymnasium interior

Bare concrete or plaster surfaces are not rare now a days, we can spot them in few retail stores, But actually the place where they are naturally more in sync with environment is a fitness indoor. Visually looking rugged bare concrete surfaces add masculinity to indoor space. It also makes the indoor environment cooler visually so instigate the peoples inside to work out and sweat more and more.


Floor design_Gymnasium Interior

Floor design_Gymnasium

As a thumb rule, Gymnasium or fitness centre floors are soft and cushioned to withstand impact against various weights, absorb various noises and prevent injury in case of any fall. So the ideal material is sports grade vinyl floor or rubber mats, as there are soft, easy to clean and do come in versatile colores. Few also suggest for carpet tiles, but they absorb dusts and more prone to stains hence better to avoid. Flooring can also be colour coded to demarcate various areas like circulation etc. Artificial grass floors are also in trends, it can selectively be used to any particular area to add different colour and texture.

Mirror all around:

Mirror_Gymnasium Interiors

People self-motivate themselves while seeing themselves in mirror during workouts. Watching themselves in mirror not only help to identify correct postures, but also keep people tab on surrounding environment while not actually looking at it. Mirrors also make small areas appear bigger and add lights to indoor.

Inspirational Quote on Walls

Walls are not just to put mirrors but these provides great locations to display inspirational graphics, quotes. By these we just not able to motivate peoples to work harder but also fill the blank space without need to do anything very particular. These graphics can either be in form of paint or sticky printable media. By any means, there are numerous options available in market. See for few examples below.