As the open land and public garden are slowly vanishing from urban landscape due to scarcity of land available, Terrace garden are now in a trend to fill in the blanks. Wide balconies and terraces in apartments are now being treated than more than utility places. Terrace garden provide for good alternative places for small family and friend get together, personal space for Yoga and morning walk. So how to create a Fabulous Terrace Garden?  With a little dash of creativity and space planning, you can plan it yourselves, Here are few excellent ideas to see for.

Wooden Decking


Though not mandatory but still you may notice that wooden decks are almost integral to any terrace garden, you see anywhere. Wood has excellent quality to act as a buffer against outside climate. In cold environment, it remains warm and in hot climate it, it remains cool. Depending upon budget, one can select various options, either it is exterior grade solid wood decking or WPC/ FRP decking can also be explored. Wooden floors looks fabulous when used in combination with turf lawn and pebbled pathway.

Grass court/ Artificial Turf lawn

turf lawn grass court terrace garden

There is no garden without grass. It depends upon site limitation or your personal choice, you may use artificial turf grass or natural grass. For natural grass, the structural integrity of terrace should be assessed and proper waterproofing and drainage system should be strictly worked out. Wherever this is not possible, one may go for Artificial turfs as well. If you have flexible budget, there are options available in the market for turf grass, which not only imitate look but even overcome the odds of natural grass.

Pebbled court

pebbled court with wooden decking_terrace garden

Pebbles and rocks of various sizes and colours are integral to Japanese zen garden concept. They can be scattered along the periphery of parapet. Below it a drain can be planned too, so the overflowing water during the rainy season from all over terrace can be collected and drained out. We can also make little pathway made from these pebbles so that walking on this pathway barefoot for some time provide your feet with natural acupressure.

Pergolas & Canopies

wooden perola_terrace garden

Pergolas are another addon to complete the look of Terrace garden. It offer a sense of enclosed space on otherwise completely open terrace. These are temporary structure and don’t add too much weight existing roof. Few people want to develop a portion of terrace as a small get together place, which may contain a small bar, pantry serving counter and few seatings. Pergolas offer semi covered space and there could be kept a provision for glass roof over it to provide for hedge against cold or rain during get together. We can hang beautiful lanterns and creepers through its rafters and purlins too.

Outdoor sitting

outdoor seating_terrace garden

Outdoor seating furniture either made of cane wood, bamboo or PVC material clubbed with PVC upholstery is a must for any terrace garden to enjoy cool summer evenings or winter afternoon. This furniture is durable, weatherproof and lost longing. Plan your space and add few seatings with coffee table in between.

Box Planters

Box planters_terrace garden_1

Box planters_terrace garden

Big size plants preferably various varieties of palm is another component to be considered while planning Terrace garden. Use Box planters made from FRP, WPC board or lightweight concrete as they are lightweight, looks great, comes in various shape and sizes and add sophistication to outdoor space. Large plants along parapet wall provide natural barrier against neighbourhood buildings and add a bit of privacy without crating actual walls.

Water fountain/ Sculpture

sculpture art work_terrace garden

water fountain_terrace garden_1

Once you have done with other things as described above, do a little bit more. Buy a Good sized sculpture may be like meditating buddha, your favourite artwork, miniature tree or a water fountain and place it in the most visible corner or middle of full height wall. You may even go for a small pond with blooming lotus all around if technically feasible to complete the look of terrace garden.

Now you must have an quite and idea about How to create a Fabulous Terrace Garden? Follow these points and you create a terrace garden ourselves, otherwise you may take the services for any landscape planner or designer, who can help you to design a beautiful place for you.