Often, choosing for paint types and colours for interiors can be very time-consuming. Aside from the color, another thing that is difficult to decide on is the type of paint to use. Is gloss enamel paint right for this kind of wall? Should you use acrylic for this one? We know how stressful this can get, so let us help you by explaining some of the most basic ideas about painting. So How to choose for Right Paint type and colour for your Home interiors? A Quick guide to types of Interior Paints and How to make a right Paint selection.

How to choose for Right Paint type and colour for your Home interiors?

With many paint options available in the market, choosing the right product for a particular space can be daunting. In this article, we have put together all the information that you will need to make an informed decision.

Walls and ceiling ­– finest quality acrylic paintswhite-living-room-acrylic paint-ceilng-wall

Due to their unmatched properties, acrylic paints are ideal for homes. They dry extremely quickly, are hardwearing and highly resistant to cracking, flaking or peeling in extreme weather conditions.

When selecting paint, it is best to go for high-quality paints with good antimicrobial properties, so that the walls don’t get spots created by fungal development. Also, ensure that the paint also consists of non-yellowing substances that prevent it from fading over time. Odor-free and chemical-free paint products with safe levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are environment-friendly and safe for your kids and your health. You could easily find such high-quality paints by brands like Dulux and Berger.

Before applying the first coat of paint, create a smooth and even surface for a great finish. Use POP to patch up all the existing cracks and holes in the wall. Then, use a good primer which will provide a good base for the paints, making it last much longer.

Living rooms and bedrooms –Sheen emulsions


Also known as satin or velvet emulsions, these paints look extremely pleasing to the eye.  This paint is also one of the most commonly used paints in interiors. Their finish is washable, smooth and has a glow due to its unique ability to partially reflect light.

For bedrooms and living rooms, satin paints are a great option. This type of paint is great for areas that are often exposed to heavy traffic but not too much moisture and mildew. It is easy to clean up too.

To maintain the shine of the paint surface, you must do the regular cleaning by wiping the paint surface with a damp cloth once in every 3 months.

Brands like Asian Paints has come up with sheen emulsions like Royale Aspira that offer a 5-year warranty, covering common defects like cracking, fading, peeling, flaking, and fungal development. Choose paints that are fire-proof, to make your house safer.

Bathrooms and kitchens– Semi-gloss paint


It is important that you choose a certain type of paint for bathrooms and kitchens that are mildew and moisture resistant. Bathrooms and kitchens are often wet and these are two of the most active rooms in the house, so making them resistant to any type of impurities will be your best bet to keep them in good condition. Semi-gloss paints are the best bet for bathrooms or kitchens as they are exposed to the moisture on a regular basis. These paints offer a glossy surface and are highly resistant to fungal growth.

Some brands even offer an improved stain-guard technology in these finishes that prevent the stains from penetrating deep into the surface, thereby making the cleaning process easy.

In high-humidity spaces of the house, it is advisable to use paints with water-beading technology so that when the wall is in contact with water, the hydrophobic character of the paint stops the water from penetrating into the wall and makes it fall as small water beads.

Kids’ rooms – Easy-to-clean paints

When it’s about walls of the kids’ rooms, easy-to-clean paints are a must. This is the best solution if your kids tend to doodle on the walls.

Apply chalkboard paint to a wall and let the children have fun. Experts also recommend semi-gloss latex paint as it does not have a strong odor and it is easy to clean. So when your kid makes the walls dirty, you can just grab a cloth and dip it into soapy water and wipe the dirt off the wall. It is that simple.

Popular brands like Asian Paints offer paints with a Teflon surface protector which makes it stain-resistant.

Dark colored walls– Matte finish paint

dark colred walls matt finish paint

When you are going for dark colored walls, matte finish goes well with them as they are completely non-reflective and have the affinity to absorb light. Matte paints also work great where the wall has loads of imperfections as they hide the dents, patchiness, etc.

Select matte-finish paints that are washable as regular matte paints are often hard to clean.

You could go for paints like Royale Matte which has burnish-resistance qualities, preventing the walls from becoming uneven due to regular cleaning.

Wooden or metal surfaces– High-gloss paint

contemporary-kitchen-white high gloss paint on shutters

High-gloss paints tend to be the more durable. They are hard-wearing and glossy and extremely easy to clean. They work well on Wooden and metals surfaces. Keep in mind that the solvent-based enamel paints have high levels of VOCs which are extremely harmful, select environment-friendly acrylic enamels instead.

Ceilings– Low-sheen paints


Low-sheen or completely matte finish paints are great options for ceilings. It is best to keep away from a reflective paint in the ceiling area as it may cause light reflections to bounce all around the room. However, this will not be distracting to the eye but it will emphasize the imperfections present in the ceiling. Hues from the Apcolite Premium emulsion or Royale range can go really well in the ceilings.

Exterior–Weather-coat external paint

white-living-room-acrylic paint-ceilng-wall

When it comes to choosing paints for the exterior, there is a multitude of options. Modern paint finishes include silicone additives that offer good resistance to water and extreme weather conditions. To retain the facade paint’s longevity, look for paint products with the capability to stretch and shield the external surface from getting cracks.

Choosing the right paint type can radically change the look and feel of a space and add to the positive ambiance that you want your home to have.

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