Most of us have been hit in the pocket by the ever-increasing electricity expenses, be it home or office. Though electricity cost is beyond our control, but we can reduce the amount of everyday electricity consumption. Follow the smart power saving techniques, you’ll be able to stop using AC and curb the impact on our Mother Nature, reduce global warming and preserve earth’s natural resources. So how to keep your home cool in summer and reduce your usage of AC. There are 9 ways to reduce Electricity bill in summers by saying No to ACs.

Undoubtedly an air conditioner keeps our homes cool but using an AC continuously means higher electricity bills and carbon emission. If your electricity bill is burning a hole in your pocket due to AC usage? These tips mentioned below will help you to reduce your electricity consumption by making your house cooler without an AC. Read on to know more.

How to keep your Home cool in summer

#1 Create cross ventilation

Natural cross ventillation in buildings

The importance of a good cross-ventilation system in a house where the air comes in from one side and goes out the other cannot be underestimated. It clears the stale air and replaces it with new air to provide good ventilation, minimizing the need for switching on the air conditioner. Make sure the placement of the opening such as doors and windows are the opposites of the house.

You can even add jaalis/nettings in the windows; it will block out the harsh sun but let in the cool breeze. It is a timeless vernacular element most commonly used in Indian Homes.

#2 Draw the curtains/shades during day hours

curtains to keep building cool in summer

curtains to keep heat out in summer

To keep your indoor cooler, draw the curtains and pull the blinds, preventing the scorching sun rays from entering and cooling air from escaping through openings. Go for sectional blinds which you can adjust as per your needs.

Khus Khus screens are a great solution for this. Check out your local market to buy some of these. These screens are precisely woven into a blind with grass and can be hung in the doorways and windows. You can also spray some water on them to keep your house cooler. This is an ancient way to keep your home cool inside without needing an AC.

#3 Turn on the fan or cooler

SUMMER-AIR-COOLERS-to keep room cool

AC consumes a lot of energy, whereas fans and air-coolers do not need that much energy to function. Air coolers add moisture to the indoor air, thereby dropping the inside temperatures. Though, they work best in hot and arid climates (western and northern India) where the humidity is little.

Keep in mind that the conventional coolers are often a bit noisy, so scout your local markets or online stores for options that are quieter.

#4 Create a water body to promote passive cooling

water-feature to keep building cool in summer by evaporating heat

One of the most sustainable approaches to cooling your house using natural techniques is the passive cooling strategy. When the water evaporates, it absorbs the heat from its surrounding air. So, setting up a small water body in your courtyard is an amazing way to beat the heat.

Strategically located water bodies can make the home cooler without any added cost of running an AC. If there’s no provision of the inner courtyard or creating one is not possible, then you can add fountains or ornamental clay pots filled with water and successfully create a similar effect. However, make sure you clean them regularly as stagnant water is a breeding spot for mosquitoes.

#5 Add some greens to both outdoors and indoors

traditional indian house surrounded by trees

house surrounded by trees to keep it cool in summer

Trees can lower the temperature drastically. Go ahead and grow some deciduous trees like banyan (Ficus benghalensis) or peepal (Ficus religiosa) along the boundaries of your plot. This especially helps if you live on the ground or the first floor. These trees get new leaves in spring and shed their leaves in autumn, therefore providing you abundant sunshine in winter and shade in summer.

Climbing vines in windows or balconies are also a great option. Indoor plants can also absorb heat and keep your house cooler in an eco-friendly way.

#6 Use light colors on the walls and furnishings

light colors on wall and furnishing to keep warm out

Light hues and fabrics can keep your house cooler. Lighter shades tend to reflect all wavelengths of sunlight and thus they absorb the least amount of sun rays. Darker colors, on the other hand, absorb the most amount of sunlight, and then, radiate it, raising the air temperature of the house.

#7 Keep the floors uncovered

floors to keep home cool in summers

Accessories like rugs and carpets absorb heat, thus increase the indoor air temperature. On the contrary, stone like marble and granite don’t get heated very easily. Therefore, they are the best option for the hot Indian weather. So just keep the floors bare to maintain your house temperature on the lower side.

If you really want to use a carpet or rug, use reed or jute mats as they don’t suck up as much heat as the other rugs or carpets do.

#8 Use LEDs

Adding to the sweltering feeling during the summers in India, incandescent lights emit a lot of heat, especially if you are really close to them. Smaller areas tend to be much hotter due to the proximity to incandescent lights. LEDs, on the contrary, don’t get heated up that quick or radiate too much heat. These LEDs require less electricity, therefore you will be able to keep your house cooler and also reduce the electricity bill. They have lower carbon emissions, so they are a much safer alternative.

#9 Keep yourself cool and hydrated

Besides keeping your house cool, do not forget to keep yourself cool. It is also essential to control your body temperature. Consume food and drinks that will help your body stay cool during scorching summer. Eat fresh fruits and cool drinks like lemonade, buttermilk to keep your body hydrated throughout the day.

You now possess the knowledge to cut your monthly electric bill by not using an AC. You can save a lot by making these 9 simple changes. It is possible. And you can do it.

There are many reasons to lower your electricity consumption, for example, saving money, preparing for future rate hikes, helping to improve air quality and limit global warming, or just reducing waste. With increases in the price of electricity bills, these methods help you try and get cheaper bills and save money. Hope you have enjoyed reading- 9 ways to reduce Electricity bill in summers by saying No to ACs.

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