Five Benefits of Indoor Vertical green Walls

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Most of us living in urban areas dream of having a garden where we could grow veggies and herbs. However, because of the lack of open space in urban areas, this dream remains a dream for majority of us. So how can we still do this? Then why not to consider Indoor Vertical Green walls? here we give you a little brief and Five Benefits of Indoor Vertical green Walls in Home and Office Interiors. Vertical Green Walls: It is an innovative way of bringing nature indoors. These walls occupy minimum space but are as effective as a conventional garden. The walls are designed to improve indoor air quality and absorb about 85% of Indoor pollutants. Green walls are not only increased the quality of Indoor air but they also heat and Indoor noise. [...]

Reasons to go for Indoor Greens

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Terrace Gardening, Indoor Greens and vertical Green walls are the latest trends in Residential, commercial & Institutional projects, one should go for it, in Residential, commercial & Institutional projects. Owing to lack of Green areas in public and outdoor spaces, available spaces in buildings getting attention towards creating indoor greens to compensate for loss of outdoor green spaces. Reasons to go for Terrace Gardening, Indoor Greens and vertical Green walls. To read more about How creating Indoor Greens, vertical green walls and terrace gardening can help you to improve Interiors and why you should go for this, scroll down through this page. Terrace Gardening Exposed roofs are major contributor to Heat gain inside Building premises. Additionally, day by day shrinking spaces on land created needs for effective utilization of usually neglected areas like roofs [...]

How to create Fabulous Outdoor Dining at your Home

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How to create Outdoor Dining at your home? The open dining is a wonderful feeling. We always dine with family and friends at home or in close areas so try something new and enjoy the feeling of dining in the open. We can turn our garden into a lovely dining hall under the stars. All you need to do is find a perfect spot in your garden. So here are few expert tips on Outdoor Dining design n decor ideas. How to create Outdoor Dining at your home? The party mode is on as the festive season is approaching us. Hosting a party or a gathering in your garden space is a fun idea and partying under the moonlight is a fun feeling. Everyone is familiar with the usual feeling of dining in a closed [...]

Five Reasons to own a backyard garden in your House

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Why you must own a backyard garden in your House? Gardening is like in nursing ecology zones around the house and it also offers a way for accomplishments and rejuvenates the body as well as the soul. Gardens facilitate in enhancing the magnificence of the house. The visual attractiveness at your home is a treat to the eyes and turning your garden into a profane paradise is blissful. So here are five Reasons to own a backyard garden in your House. Five Reasons to own a backyard garden in your House : #1 Gardening and meditation: The exquisite flowers all around your place give a perfect environment for meditation. Carrying a stressful mind always bring a lot of tension in mind. Build up a garden in the house to ease out the stress from [...]

Six reasons to use Indoor plants in Interiors

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As we all living in overcrowded towns we miss out the essence of nature. It is plainly excellent to dwell in nature. We tend to painfully miss the vibes of nature in our displeasing urban sprawls. Greening up your home by doing indoor plantation can be a refreshing way to fix this nature deficit. So Here we give you six reasons to use Indoor plants in Interiors and How to do this ? 1# Lively Interiors Green shoots to your eyes even for small times can reduce mental stress in a big way, so it makes sense to create a garden inside home. The silence, freshness and pure air can be recreated in your living rooms and turn them into a refreshing zone.  From indoor gardens to living walls, lush pockets of verdure [...]

Turn up the Green Thumb: Tips For Urban Backyard Gardening

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Who don't wish to have a lovely small backyard garden to his home. Fortunates are those whose home has scope to have this luxury in these day by day shrinking private spaces.  The lush green kitchen garden attracts the eyes of everybody who enters the place. All you need to do is maintain a good drainage and a sow the ground with seeds. Add color to your home with plants of lovely berries, colorful capsicum, and green vegetables or by raising seasonal fruits and vegetables which are very healthy when eaten fresh. Prepare salads and enjoy the gardening in shady backyards. Image Source: motherearthnews Image source: server1.decornorth Decorate the garden side with cool indoor plants … It is finally a great summer season waiting for the winters to let the flowers bloom in your home and [...]

Beautiful plants for Indoor Green

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Fetching potted plants from the garden to the home definitely adds style, color, freshness to your living zone. The indoor plants add spirit and freshness thus filling up your interior with full positive vibes. so How to choose Plants to create Indoor Green? Look up for cute little plants which do not need constant sunlight to blossom. Presence of such greens in the house cleans up the air we breathe and makes the space pretty much lively and full of zeal, basically it is a treat to the eyes when you bring nature in your dwelling space and use it as a decoration tool. Tips on choosing Beautiful plants for Indoor Green. How to choose Plants to create Indoor Green? Image Source: hamsayeh These fancy air purification machines are planted in untouched corners of the [...]

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