Terrace Gardening, Indoor Greens and vertical Green walls are the latest trends in Residential, commercial & Institutional projects, one should go for it, in Residential, commercial & Institutional projects. Owing to lack of Green areas in public and outdoor spaces, available spaces in buildings getting attention towards creating indoor greens to compensate for loss of outdoor green spaces. Reasons to go for Terrace Gardening, Indoor Greens and vertical Green walls. To read more about How creating Indoor Greens, vertical green walls and terrace gardening can help you to improve Interiors and why you should go for this, scroll down through this page.

Terrace Gardening

terrace garden design ideas

Exposed roofs are major contributor to Heat gain inside Building premises. Additionally, day by day shrinking spaces on land created needs for effective utilization of usually neglected areas like roofs and terraces. Terrace garden has multiple benefits to offer. It creates a thick layer on topmost exposed surface to prevent Sun rays directly falling over it, hence creates a Heat barrier resulting in considerable difference in Indoor temperature. This way it not only increases comfort level for the occupants of premises but also help in bringing down the ever-increasing energy bills.

On the aesthetic side, As the peoples rarely have a luxury of Backyard garden in their homes now a days, terrace garden has emerged as most potent alternative. It not only fulfils the crave for your gardening interest but also give you your own personal garden for enjoying a good family or social time without fear of any trespass.

Even if there is not mush space available, you can do wonders with mid-sized terraces as well with the help of professionals. A layer of artificial grass, with a view of water flowing down through stone cut indoor water fountain clubbed with some lighting effects is certainly a visual treat to eyes.

Terrace-Garden-japanese style

Terrace Garden are not only for homes but they are fast becoming a must for Office setup too. Usually terraces and roofs in office and commercial buildings are one of the most neglected areas often used as services space only. Slowly Few companies are realizing the utility of this space as recreation area also. These spaces if done beautifully can be a place for celebrating office parties as well as stress buster for office employees results in enhanced quality of work space.

office terrace garden design

Indoor Greens

Day by day reducing green cover and ever-increasing Pollution in Urban areas slowly taking its toll on mental and physical well-being of its inhabitants. While everybody is aware of outdoor pollution, peoples are often ignorant about level of pollution exist in their Indoor environment. Some recent studies even put indoor pollution at more hazardous level in comparison to outdoor environment. Closed air conditioned offices and residences results in trapped air by blocking free movement of air inside and outside. With a number of inhabitants working inside office premises, chemicals originating through indoor materials bring down the level of oxygen in indoor areas having severe ill effects on human health. While there are limitations of what one can do in such scenarios, creating Indoor Green inside office, residential and Institutional indoor areas offer a practical approach to substantially increase Indoor air quality. There is wide variety of Indoor plants which can be used in Indoor areas. These plants occasionally need water and work well in absence of sun light. They not only absorb vicious gases like carbon mono oxide but also supply oxygen in return.  Beside its positive effects on Indoor air quality, if done beautifully, can substantially increase the Indoor aesthetic as well.

office planter indoor green

Finally creating Indoor green is just not a choice but slowly becoming a necessity for all ofus. Indoor Greens are too becoming a part of overall Interiors and hence Interior design too. There is lot more to just bring and install few random plants here and there, A professional can help you to choose right plants in right numbers without creating a hindrance in other functions.

Green Wall

Bored of artificial material pasted on blank wall to beautify them. Green walls can be a better alternative which can be used on both exterior as well as interior walls. There is a growing trend to create green walls in indoor areas. These mini plants hanging from pots not only make interiors livelier but also contribute towards healthy living. These indoor vertical gardens require only occasional maintenance. We can create excellent graffiti on walls by combining various types of plants of different sizes and colours.  vertical green wall

vertical plant vertical indoor wall office planters

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