Most of us living in urban areas dream of having a garden where we could grow veggies and herbs. However, because of the lack of open space in urban areas, this dream remains a dream for majority of us. So how can we still do this? Then why not to consider Indoor Vertical Green walls? here we give you a little brief and Five Benefits of Indoor Vertical green Walls in Home and Office Interiors.

Vertical Green Walls:

It is an innovative way of bringing nature indoors. These walls occupy minimum space but are as effective as a conventional garden. The walls are designed to improve indoor air quality and absorb about 85% of Indoor pollutants. Green walls are not only increased the quality of Indoor air but they also heat and Indoor noise. These Green walls are easy to install and don’t require any sophisticated maintenance.

1-Natural beauty:

For people living in urban apartments or working in office cubicles, vertical gardens provide access to soothing natural beauty hence reduce mental stress level.

2-Indoor room divider:

We can use Indoors vertical garden as an attractive room divider. You can plant them in wheeled containers so that the divider can be moved or removed altogether according to your needs.

3-Shade and privacy:

Placed on the outside of a window, a vertical garden will shade the room from both strong sunlight and inquisitive onlookers thus creating a lovely view in a crowded urban neighbourhood.

vertical plant vertical indoor wall office planters

Vertical gardens also help shield your home’s exterior against harsh weather conditions and ultraviolet rays. They can considerably bring down indoor temperature during summers hence increase comfort level as well as reduce the need of mechanical cooling, so bring down electricity bill.

5-Future of Vertical Gardening

This revolutionary technique of growing garden indoors is an effective, innovative, and productive way of cultivation. And it’s taking agriculture in an upward direction. What’s more, it lets you enjoy organically grown and pesticides free fruits, veggies and flowers.

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