A lot of peoples usually ask- Why do we need an interior designer? Who is he and what he actually do? How we can choose for a good interior designer. So there is a brief explanation from a designer point of view to guide you.

Who is Interior Designer?

An Interior Designer is one who has a technical qualification either as an Architect or Interior designer from recognized institution. The person who has gone through academics as well as practical internship in the field of Architecture and Interior designing.

Interior designer understands the principals of space planning, visual aesthetics and effects of built environment on living psychology. How an enclosed space affect our psyche and behavior. How the object should be proportioned as per human scale. He or she know keep in touch of latest happening s in field of interior design, color trends, building materials, furniture and furnishing.

Why do we need an interior designer?

Through the years of practical professional experience, an interior designer learns a lot through his experiments and even from mistakes. He became expert in efficient space planning and how to facilitate an easy circulation between spaces. There are a lot of factors which relate to ID, like Lighting design. A good lighting design is not only good for your eyes but it also uplifts your mood. An interior designer design not only for present but future needs also.

Everyone wants his home/ office as something unique, which can impress others. Market now a day is overwhelmed with choices of materials, which differ widely in terms of prices and specifications. The job of an Interior designer is to assist client in making an informed decision keeping balance of budget and specifications.

How to select an Interior Designer?

There is no easy way to recognize a good interior designer. The most usual way to ask about his or her past work/ achievements. You can also ask for references for whom he or she has worked with. The other way is to ask a lot of questions, even if you know the answers. An experienced interior designer should be able to respond without hesitation. he will not force his opinion upon you, but first patiently listen to you before giving his views.