To be honest, decorating apartments is quite an intimidating task. Your brain is bustling with innovative ideas. The only downside is the availability of limited space. Want something that does not occupy much floor space, yet looks elegant? Of course, nothing is better than wall hangings. But when it comes to decorating the bare walls, it becomes a lot more challenging. Here we give you 10 Budget Friendly Wall Decor Ideas to decorate a Room.

Every house speaks a story of its own. So, it is important that the walls match the personality of the owner of the house. Here, we have come up with some of the best wall decor ideas. These are ideal for apartment dwellers and budget-friendly.

Age old curtains –

What’s better than a curtain, right? They are fuss-free and easy to incorporate. They look the best when fitted behind a bed. The thought might seem boring now, but once used, it will look beautiful, undoubtedly.

wall decor ideas Age old curtains

Creative tapestries –

Gone are those days when tapestries were known to be only bohemian. Geometric shapes, chic prints, and countless other designs can be created on tapestries. You can print your favourite quotes and images as well. It will look as beautiful as any stylish design on your wall.

Wall decor ideas_Creative tapestries

Hello, greenery –

Green is soothing to the eyes. Isn’t it? So, bring home a few potted green plants. Place them on wooden shelves which are fixed on the wall. In case you don’t have shelves at home, the plants can be hung with hooks as well. Trust me, a little green will never hurt.

 Wall decor ideas_Greenery on wall

Mirror, mirror on the wall –

Mirrors are an essential part of any household. So, why not buy a huge mirror of the height of the wall? They are comparatively cheaper than the small framed mirrors. It will reflect light all around the room. Also, it can deal with the issue of less space as it will make the room look bigger.

Wall decor ideas_large sized mirror

Statement wall hanging –

Want to go minimal? There is no need for expensive paintings or artworks. Dress up your wall with statement posters and frames and make a great impact. They don’t weigh up your wall and look uber cool at the same time.

Wall decor ideas_statement wall hangings

Artistic gallery wall –

Gallery walls are in trend these days. Not only they look classy, but they also do not burn a hole in your pocket. No need of dealing with the mess of dozens of holes on the wall. Floating shelves are quite popular in this arena.  Change the pieces on the shelves whenever you want, without the commotion of any new hole.

Wall decor ideas_Gallery wall

Decal stickers –

This is the most inexpensive option for all the readers. The decal stickers are versatile. Thus, there is something for everyone. They are available online and offline. The stickers come in all shapes and sizes. Write quotes or just simply stick stars and polka dots on the wall. You have countless options before you.

Wall decor ideas_wall decal sticker

Favourites’ wall –

Everybody loves to keep their favourite possessions on a display. So, why not decorate the entire wall with these belongings? Because they look cool and are storage-efficient wall decor. Consider hanging up your beloved guitar or paintings.

Wall decor ideas_favourites on wall

Book on a show –

For all the book lovers out there, this is the perfect option for you. Mountable shelves do wonders when decorated with colourful books. They occupy less space and far better than traditional bulky bookcases. Nevertheless, you get to show off your collection of books.

Wall decor ideas_wall book shelve

Fairy lights at rescue –

Fairy lights can induce life to any dull, boring wall. They can be found at very cheap rates everywhere. Once put up on the wall, it creates a magical scene. To make it prettier, you can hang pictures on it with cloth pins. These ideas light up your house, literally, but do not cost a great deal. These minimalist changes can alter the look of your house without doing much. Hope you will like them and assimilate your favourite ones.

Wall decor ideas_fairy light on wall

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