Thanks to the concept of modular kitchens, evaluating the price of the kitchen design beforehand has become possible. The modular kitchen designs are available in a wide price range. There are many factors that contribute to the final cost. We have listed the top 5 aspects of kitchen design that have the biggest impact on the cost. What are the Factors Which Affect Modular Kitchen Prices ?

Factors Which Affect Modular Kitchen Prices

Size of the Kitchen

Size and structure of the kitchen are directly proportional to the price. The reason is simple. The larger kitchen requires more modules and thus the price automatically goes up. But, not everyone would like to have the same number of modules. For instance, a housewife who should use the kitchen everyday will like to have all the primary as well as additional modules. On the other hand, someone who doesn’t use the kitchen much would be okay with lesser modules.Modular Kitchen finish

Finish and Materials

The type and quality of finish and materials chosen for the modular kitchen has a significant impact on its price. For instance, a wide range of choices are available for cabinetry finishes including membrane, acrylic, UV, and laminate.

Laminate and acrylic tend to be the most popular among the finishes. However, there is a marked difference between the prices of the two. While laminate is the cheapest available cabinet finish material suited for the budget kitchens, acrylic is among the most expensive finishes and thus found mostly in the high-end kitchens.

There is no denying that costlier finishes usually look better. Acrylic finish is more elegant and visually appealing. But, you can pick the laminate in right colour, texture and gloss and lend a nice touch to the kitchen.Built in Oven


Accessories chosen for the module kitchen contribute significantly to the overall cost. Therefore, while planning the budget kitchen design it is advisable to pick only those accessories that have more utilitarian value and also complement the overall appearance. For instance, there is no point investing in an expensive double bin holder if you have a small family as it will largely remain underutilized. It is easy to manage the cost by planning the kitchen design in advance. Also, the accessories are available in a wide price range. You could pick those that suit your finances well.Modular kitchen accessories

Worktop material

The worktop is one of the most prominent parts of your kitchen. Not only does it serve the utility purposes, it also contributes to the visual appearance. Worktop finishes, just like cabinetry, are available in diverse choices. Laminate, Corian, Quartz, granite, and composite are some of the most popular worktop materials. While laminate is the cheapest of all, granite, quartz and composite are relatively more expensive. Homeowners on budget need to strike a balance between looks and cost.Granite Kitchen countertop

Kitchen Appliances

Most people somehow ignore the importance of kitchen appliances in the cost of the kitchen design. These appliances are also available in a wide price range. It is advisable to pick the appliances you will need the most. This will save you money, which can be spent on other aspects of home design.

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