Most retail owners understand the importance of good retail design but still failed to implement them but, not everyone is able to comprehend as to what it entails. What are Elements of Good Retail Design? How to create a Good Retail Environment which attracts customers and increase business ? Several factors need to be weighed when designing the retail outlet. We will look at some important aspects in this article.

How to create a Good Retail Environment ?

The Threshold

The threshold area is the first place your customers step into when they enter your retail store. A lot of retail store owners often overlook the importance of this space. Threshold area is the space that creates the first impression of the store on the customer’s mind. It is the first experience of the store. Therefore, it is extremely important to make it look impressive, welcoming, and useful. Retail owners also often fail to offer in this space what the customers really need to see. This is exactly the place where the customers form their first judgement of the store pertaining to price, quality, and ease of use. So, make sure that the place summarizes the essence of the store. There is no point placing adverts, banners, or shopping carts here as the customers will most likely miss them.

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The Right Side

You will be surprised to know that most of the customers that enter your retail store are more likely to turn right than left. This is an unconscious choice. This is the reason why it is very important to design the right side well. After having crossed the threshold, the right side will make up for most of their remaining experience. You need to be thoughtful about what you must display on the right and how you do it. The idea is to gain customers instant attraction and arouse their curiosity. Placing the right products on the right and choosing the appropriate lighting can decide whether the customers continue with the shopping. Identify the products of greatest interest for customers and make sure they are on the right.

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Control their walk

Customers make many choices unconsciously. Just like they turn right almost involuntarily, they can be made to take a definite path while exploring the store. The idea is to make them explore as much of your store as possible. By doing so, they will have more exposure to your store and the products. As a result, there will be higher chance of customers buying from the store.

By subtly guiding the customers through a definite path, you not only increase the sales but also manage the traffic flow. This again creates a positive impression. When the store is crowded and it also looks crowded, it will deter customers from spending enough time.  You can create the path in many ways. For instance, you can cover the path with colors different from the rest of the floor. You can even be more direct by placing the arrows pointing towards the course of the path. Remember that the customer’s feet follow their eyes.

Retail Store Layout

Slow the customers down

You don’t want customers hurrying past the shelves without making the purchase. Therefore, it is important to slow them down. This, you can do by strategically placing the items of visual interests at defined locations. Customers will slow down to look at the signage or posters and thus they will not rush through the store.

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