With every new day, more and more shopping sites are being launched, thus giving tough challenges to Retail shops made out of bricks and mortars. Although, shops made out of bricks and mortar are still more attention-grabbing as compared to online stores, customers are no more loyal and get onto the side wherever the scale is heavier. Retail Design is a specialized segment in its itself, here we tell you about- 6 Important Principles of Retail Store Design.

Leave aside competition from online stores, there is enormous competition even among retail stores to grab the attention of potential customers. Here it comes the power of design. Brands focussing on the designs are doing better in the market. The power of a good retail design is enormous. Shopping should be made an experience worth remembering. It should be such that customers are willing to visit the same retail store time and again. The environment of the store plays an important factor in engaging the customers.

So, what are the crucial elements behind the quality interior design of a commercial outlet, Let us have a quick look.

Windows Display–

Remember the saying ‘First impression is the last impression’? It works the same in the case of retail shops. Research shows that a retail store gets mere 8 seconds to grab the customers’ attention, while he is walking through shopping corridors. Once they are passed, probably they will not turn around. This is a very short time to convince the customer to enter the shop. So, focus on stunning eye-catching themed windows displays exhibiting Hero products makes a lot of sense. Window display are like a short trailer of movie which provide glimpse of what is inside in more dramatic and exaggerated form.

Window display retail store design

Understand your target customer –

Unless until it is a kind of super market holding varieties of products, for most of retail stores it is of utmost importance to get the precise idea of its target customer base. The more clarity about target customer segment results in more accurate planning hence increasing chances of success. With the plethora of options available in each segment, it is almost impossible to make room for everyone. View the scenario from the shoppers’ perspectives and concentrate on their lifestyle, desires, and interests to select desired product range.target customer base retail store design

Decide on the type of display –

There are many types of displays systems available. So, take your time to do a good amount of research on what kind of display system will work best for products. There are modular systems available in each segment though, you can go for a customized display as well. Built-in, cash wrap, countertops, showcases, or specialty displays; you have tonnes of options to fiddle with.

Display sytems Retail store design

Create a centre of attraction –

The focal point or the centre of attraction should be the first noticeable thing after entering the store. It can be anything, from a huge item to vibrant coloured stuff. Focus on the line of sight of the customers. You should place the ‘star of the store’ in the exact same point. Thus, it will easier for you to create the displays.

HERO-product- display-retail-store-design

Light up the area –

Focus on lighting, A bad lighting create strains, affects visibility and sometimes even visually alter the colour of displayed objects. There are ambient lights, focus lights and spot lights, choose them wisely to serve their specific purposes. Good lighting creates a better atmosphere and makes the shopping experience finer. It also helps in showcasing the products in a healthier manner. You can lead the eyes of the customer towards the highlight of your store.


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