When you plan the interiors and decor of the house, you keep your family members in mind. If you have a toddler at home, you want to make sure that every item in the house is safe for the little one. When the kids grow a little old and begin to scamper about the house, you ensure that everything is placed in such a way that they don’t get hurt. When there is an elderly person in your house with special needs, you also make special arrangements for them. The pets in our homes are not animals, they are the part of the family – they are the family. So, when you are planning the setup of the house you will also want to make the area within the walls more pet friendly. How to make your House safe for Pets? Here are some great ways to make your house more agreeable to these domesticated darlings. Browse through Few expert suggestions on How to make your house more pet friendly?

How to make your house more pet friendly?



#1 Design the built-in feeding bowls

There’s a lot of space that goes unused in your house. But, if you have a pet in the house that eats off a bowl, you can build the bowls into the additional space. For instance, if you have the breakfast counter in the kitchen made of concrete, you could cut out some space a little above the floor for the bowls. This will not help with optimal utilization of the space it will also look pretty neat.

But that is not it! The pets usually tend to mess around with the bowl, tumbling and toppling it playfully. That makes the space dirty and you need to clean it up after them. What’s worse is that you may also knock the bowl full of food over accidentally. The built-in bowl makes for a more pet friendly house and saves you the extra effort.


#2 Make the house safer for your pets

A house safe for the pet is a pet friendly house. Make sure that you take care of the loose wires lying unattended on the floor. The pets and dogs, especially the young and untrained ones, take everything to be their plaything and they often end up strangulating or worse electrocuting themselves. Take care of the wires by putting them together with the help of clamps and take them off the floor. If there is any wire running too close to the floor, make sure it is covered properly.

Make sure that human medications that may be potentially harmful to the pets are kept out of their reach. Keep such things in the closed cabinets. Toxic and hazardous items, such as rat poison, disinfectants, or other pesticides should also be kept inside the tightly shut closet or cupboard.

Keep the lid of trash bin tightly shut. If possible, keep the trash out of the reach of the pets. Trash contains a lot of contaminated food items that may be hazardous to their health.


#3 Use the paw friendly flooring

Use the flooring material that will create fewer hassles for you with the pets in the house. While choosing the flooring material, consider the material that will not get damaged by the paws and will also look aesthetically appealing. Suede leather is a great choice as it is easy to clean and quite resistant to wear. Crypton fabric is also a nice pick as it is resistant to both germs and stains. These materials are available in a wide range of colours as well as patterns.


#4 Built a pet house inside the house

The little corner in the house where your pets retire when they want to rest or sleep usually emanates an unpleasant odour all the time. The odour can be subdued using fragrant sprays. However, it can be further contained if you had a little pet house right inside your home. It could be a small box designed to blend with the interiors of the room. For dogs, it could be a dog house. For cats, it could be a litter house. This will make it so much easier to clean up their faeces too.


#5 Create a pet entrance

A lot of times you would want your pets to roam around in the garden without you having to watch over them. You would also not want to keep opening and closing the door many times during the day to let the pets in and out. The best option for you would be to create a pet entrance. It is usually a small cut out in the main door at the bottom to let the pets through. However, you could also create a secret entrance for them at any other place in the house.

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