A balcony is a splendid a part of a home that gives comfort and relaxation. It is a place wherever we are able to relish spend cute moments with our family.  For enjoying the sun in chilly winter morning, or rains in the rainy afternoons and breeze on the hot summers at night the balconies are perfect. Having one balcony adds style, comfort and freshness to a house. Balcony Decor Ideas on How to decorate Balcony in your Home by using plants, shelves, furniture, colors & lighting.

Ideas on How to decorate Balcony in your Home:

#1 Using plants in balconies is the key to create a sublime outdoor view

Plants bring a way of color and depth to the balcony. Hang plants in the balconies or plant them in metal frames from the roof.  Plan for Bamboo plants as they are not just pretty looking but also screen balcony for privacy.

Bamboo plant for Balcony privacy protection

Balcony hanging planters
#2 Lighting is a vital issue

Build the balcony interior by using ancient hanging lanterns, inserting lamps or lighting candles. This will create a beautiful and peaceful atmosphere for enjoying pretty summer evenings and subliming in your thoughts.

Lighting lanterns in Balcony decoration


#3 Add for colors and patterns to your balcony

Selecting colorful cushions complements the complete lively look of the open space. Using patterns and fusion prints of cushions further add style to your balcony.


#4 Furnish your balcony

Keep a couple of relaxing chairs or a foldable chair bed in the balcony. Include to stools for relaxing your feet and a small table which holds enough space for the morning tea or late night snack.

Furnish your Balcony


#5 Simplicity has elegance

A stylish balcony in Wooden, white or gray is a perfect idea for peaceful place where you’ll read with an acquaintance. So arrange for some stylish sittings or simply put a couple of chairs in combination with wooden floor or a mat on the floor to connect with the ground and feel the simplicity enjoying solace and you me time.

balcony seating


#6 Avoid too much weight

Keeping weight off limits when it comes to balcony, is a good thought. Avoid keeping a lot of weight on the balcony and try maintaining a partial sun cover to guard the entry door from rain water or sunlight.

Lightweight Balcony RailingsMetal Decorative Planters

#7 Shelf Zoned

Space for the shelf is an essential for balcony area. It can keep rough wall hangings or herbs in a pot. Keeping candle holders in small shelves also maintains a specific place for them. Shelves are a good plan to accommodate a lot of herbs and flowers into the tiny low balcony. It’s the simplest way of making more room while not compromising on floor space.

Balcony Planters shelf

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