Imagine having a room inside your house where you can go to escape reality or after having a tiring day, a place to relax and forget all your worries. It shall help you to connect with your inner power and rejuvenate yourself. This is the power of a meditation room. If constraints allow then Everyone should definitely make a provision for a special room in one’s home. A room either for mediation or a place of solitude, which provides you with the opportunity to feel fresh again, both mentally and physically. So, if you decided to make a meditation room, so how it should look like. So here is “10 experts Tips to create your own meditation room”

Well, there are no such specific or rigid rules to follow while building your room, still few things need to be taken into consideration while creating a meditation room. Below are some sound advice to design a good interiors mediation room. Remember one thing, you still need to follow with what your mind and heart prefer to be and listen to it the most.

How to do interiors for Meditation Room

1.Choose a space that feels good to you


You would select a portion for your house which makes you feel good as soon as you walk into it. Ideally, it should be of minimum noise, visual distractions and outside disturbances. Also, pay attention to the lightning too. Preferably to choose a room with just optimum daylight and proper ventilation. Any false smells, dingy and dull indoor environment, a big no. If you can’t find this then a room with an outdoor space will also do. It’s about the relaxing ambience and something that makes you feel at home and brings peace to your mind and body with minimum distractions.

2.A clean and uncluttered room

A clean and uncluttered meditation room

The room shall be clean, clutter free and devoid of any unnecessary object at least in sight. Keep minimum things in the room like a small table in the corner, a flower pot, A candle, yoga mat in the centre. This shall help you relax and keep your mind calm and not get distracted by anything and especially a gadget.

3.Bring nature into your room

Bring nature into your meditation room

Nature is very relaxing to look at and healing too. It has its therapeutic benefits and thus meditation is all about connecting yourself with nature. It would be ideal to meditate outside but if you live in an urban environment then it would be near to impossible to do so. Hence try adding a touch of nature to your room and thus you are set to go. A small flower pot or a group of them decorated across the room shall also do.  It will add to the harmony and the aesthetic beauty of the room. The best would be to have a small fountain in your room to stimulate the calming beach noises or if you have speakers, then you can play nature sounds through them and close your eyes to imagine that you are one with them.

4.Play Meditative music

Selective Sound plays an important role in Meditation esp for beginners. A calm and focused mind is essential to meditation and silence is the key. But for beginners, its almost impossible to keep away mind from wandering in silence, so music can help. There are a lot of music available especially for mediation. The room should ideally be soundproof so that the traffic outside doesn’t come in and the music played should be soft and without any lyrics, just the soft melody flowing through the room. It can be classical or bird sounds or waterfall sounds too. It all depends upon you and what you would prefer to hear to relax your mind. Choose either a long playlist or on loop to make it last throughout your entire session.


Aroma and scents in Meditation room

Meditation is about to control your senses ar rather say to use them in helpful ways. Just like listening selective sounds, we need to focus upon smells too. Any kind of false smell, like of seepage, rotten things or even few scanty smells to be compulsory avoidable.  Smells related to natures like those of flowers, wet soil help us to forget outside polluted world and attached our mind to blisses in nature. For this we can use of natural oils and objects like Lavender, Chamomile and peppermint can really soothe the mind and the body. You can burn candles and incense, heat the oil to soothe your meditation session. This form of therapy is slowly catching up and is becoming more popular day by day. It also stimulates brain function and boosts the immune system. It relieves muscle pain and reduces muscle pain. These are all great reasons as to why you should include aromatherapy in your meditation room.

6.Personalise it

personalize your meditation room

When you are creating your room, the main focus is and should be on yourself and hence you should only select items which speak to you and bring you peace. It can be any object like from a statue to artwork or beautiful stones. Bottom line something that makes you happy. But you would not want to overcrowd the space and thus always have only the essentials and try to keep it as clean as possible.

7.Fresh Air is very important

Few forms of meditation put focus upon how to put your breath in rhythm by controlling inhaling and exhaling right way.  That’s we say that proper ventilated space is the key to meditation room. Fresh air soothes and refreshes you and this is very important for your meditation room. On top of aromatherapy, it has many benefits like making you feel refreshed and improving your overall health. If your room is not outdoors, then you might want to have good ventilation or a cool breeze shall be flowing through the room. The temperature of room should be normal at comfort level, neither cold nor warm. You can choose to go for AC or a fan which is quiet and doesn’t interfere with the surroundings.

8.The Colour Scheme

Meditation room color scheme

Though there are no specific suggestions about ideal colour scheme for Meditation room but still majorly strong colors need to be avoided. Tentative idea should be warmer colors for colder regions and cool colores for warmer climates are generally suggested. colour scheme should be such that you like it and it calms you down. Some people prefer pastel colours and some prefer solid dark colours which make them calm. Ultimately its your choice. Still as a professional advice any colour associated with Nature elements like water, sky, earth should be preferred.

9.Lighting matters

Lighting in Mediatation Room

Attaining Balance is the essence of Meditation and the surrounding should also reflect this. So in the case of Lighting, the same principal to be followed. It should be neither too bright nor too dim but just optimum. Ambience light is ok, otherwise few may like to keep things rather dimly lit. Generally Meditation happens during sunrise or sunset so if Day light is available then it should be allowed to enter the premises.   matters a lot and it shouldn’t be too bright so that it hurts your eye but just enough to see and have a pleasant effect on your eye. You may also use curtains or blinders to help you to adjust outside light as per requirement.

10. Technology free area

The object of meditation is to cutoff yourself from outside world for a time being so avoid technology which connect you to outside world. You should keep your phone away and no TV in the room or any kind of gadget to distract your mind even. It should be just about you and nothing else. Just relax and try to live in the moment and severe all your connections to the outside world.

In short, Meditation room is just your private space and do it in your own but simple way. Creativity and innovation in Meditation room interior is ok but just for your own not to showcase others. Being content should be the focus not overindulgence. Hope this help you.

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