Prayer or Pooja rooms are an integral a part of Indian homes. However, once it involves revamping the decoration of the house, they’re typically at the last priority. People usually fails to do transition from ancient mandir styles to the stylish new or contemporary temples in home which makes the worship place the only area which is out of sync from the complete house interior. To help you we give some design ideas for Celestial Mandir styles for contemporary Homes. Our pristine assortment of mandir styles, full with contemporary, modern attractiveness, is simply what your home should have.

celestial Mandir style
1. Small yet trendy

If you’re not a disciple of giant mandir rooms or don’t have enough space to accommodate it, mandir styles like these are recommended as they simply mix with the overall decoration of the area.

pooja cabinet designs

Borrowing hues from its encompassing, this easy, open setup options an idol, focus lighting, a shelf and a sideboard showing neatness placed inside an exquisite laser-cut adorned arc.

But if you favor privacy, want mandir styles like this. The gossamer cupboard doors provide the cubic structure a light-weight, airy feel.

small pooja cabinet design

pooja room wall cabinet

2. Alcove of novelty:

Niches and redundant corners of your home can be remodeled into a prayer space. It’s an honest plan to create use of sunshine colors for the platforms and spirited hues for the walls to draw the eyes towards the mandir.
It is to be advised that this space should not be overcrowded with idols. Keep it easy and chic. Alternatively, you can add shelves inside the slim niche if you wish to accommodate additional idols.

pooja room enclosed space

Pooja room design

3. Imaginative with focus:

The best mandir styles may be a fusion of a conventional setting and fashionable, edgy decor. A creative rendition of a shloka, or an elegant background ornament with an exquisite auriferous end may be a true game-changer. It’ll sure add aesthetic attractiveness to your home and be the cynosure of all eyes.

elegant Pooja room

Pooja room lighting

4. Mystical Heaven:

Last however not the smallest amount, if you’re have a passionate prayer area, go all the way for this one. You have got many houses to combine up the on top of style components and elegance it with floating-flower bowls, cushions, floor mats etc.
Now that you just have the following pointers in hand, you’ll be able to simply customize or choose between these mandir styles that mix in together with your home’s theme and provide a quiet spot for prayer and contemplation.

Pooja room wall decoration

Pooja room wall decoration

5. Illumination Grandeur:

Traditionally, we use Diyas and candles to light up pooja room. However, currently the mandir styles are getting safer and cleaner. As alternatives like fairy lights or cove lights in and round the space to offer it a spirited glow. Firstly decide soft colors and lights which will be dimmed consistent with the ambience of the worship place.
In this setup, the optical maser prune panel is lit-up from behind therefore light the wonder of the knotty details. With its ethereal glow, it dreads frames the idols and spiritual gear.

Pooja room design white marble

Pooja room lighting

Ornate floor or hanging lamps also can brighten up the house. The attractive beaded lighting fixture during this area casts a resplendent glow while not confiscating the main focus from the idol. Carefully select your lighting vogue consistent with your room’s orientation, size and theme.

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