How to apply the principles of Feng Shui in your Office. Feng Shui is as essential part of Chinese culture, they follow this like a tradition. It is said that using Feng Shui in your office/home attract prosperity, wealth, mental peace and friends.


#1 Festoon your desk with Feng Shui …..

Try and decorate your work desk, walls with Feng Shui symbols. This creates a lot of positive energy in your working niche. Follow these few steps to get a perfect Feng Shui desk.


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#2 Eliminate the Useless stuff …..

Get rid of the unwanted papers, wires, cords, connectors which create a complex look of your desk. Clear your table and office surroundings and liberate the unnecessary items .Try replacing the wired items with wireless ones because honestly saying coiled up place creates an unclean view in mind. Immaculate your space and shed off the papers, folders or files from previous years arranging them yearly in some cupboard. This will create a fresh and clean of your workspace.


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#3 Harmonize the Yin-Yang …..

Create a complete balance of bright and dark colors in office walls. The color balance is the best chi for office. The office should have an equal ratio of the brightness and darkness.


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#4 Style it up your way: Your streak marks your presence always …..

Redecorate the walls once in a year with happy pictures of yours and loved ones. Keep a picture of your important relationship on work desk this creates zeal in work and always bring good luck. Keep your favorite color on desk or paint the wall of the colors you love most. These things bring a vibrancy in your office hours. Frame the happiest picture from your favorite vacation for your desk.


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#5 Dress up your office in Feng Shui style …..

Hang important Feng Shui on office walls which brings positivity to your soul. This will also help in building good relations with colleagues. Keep an earthen pot in office corner and plant a décor tree there as earthen vessels fill happiness and prosperity in life E.g. Golden Pothos Areca Palm. Decorate the soil of pot with crystals and rock as they add wealth to the work you do. Adorn the desk with coin tree from Feng Shui and keep Laughing Buddha on a corner. Buddha’s blessings count a lot and coin tree will enhance prosperity in your work.



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#6 Redistribute the luminous …..

Buy a lamp for your office desk as dim the overhead shiny lights. Too much of brightness overhead can create tension and headaches. Turn on the lamp focus the light on your work this creates a peaceful cool image of office in mind while you are working. Make sure you are sitting in the corner of the room according to Feng Shui it attracts most attention for positiveness.


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#7 Alluring Aquarium …..

Keep an aquarium in office in the East, Southeast or north of the work desk. Make sure there are blue and black fishes along with other colorful fishes to create a constant source of good luck. E.g. Guppies, Arowana.


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#8 Countering Sha-Chi…..

Sha-Chi are poison arrows on back of person. They create a loss of positivity in the environment and binds up energy for quarrels, disputes and gossips.
Mirrors in office causes distractions, interruptions as it always gives a glimpse of what is happening at your rear side. You will face constant diversions so remove mirrors from office working desk.

#9 Fortuitous Bamboo …..

Buy a bamboo plant and keep it right next to your computer on the desk. The lucky bamboo plant fills good vibes in the workplace.


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