The carbon footprint is reportedly increasing globally and has raised several environmental concerns. The more the carbon footprint the less our planet becomes liveable. This is why, it is important to include the greener aspects in our daily lifestyle. Many people have already started understanding the importance of eco-friendliness. Now there is awareness for making Home Eco friendly. An Environment friendly Home not only benefit the world but saves you money too in many ways. Here are some way on How to Make your Home Eco friendly.

How to make Eco friendly Home ?

US household energy use pattern

Use of natural lights

We have the artificial lights that can brighten just about any corner of the room. But they consume power. Electricity is still being produced majorly from non-renewal natural resources and thus it robbing the earth from precious resources. Install blinds and curtains over the windows in the house. During the day, open the blinds and pull the drapes apart to let the natural light come in. You can have your room brightened up very well especially if you have planned the placement of the windows strategically.  Nature and tendency of sunlight vary as per geographical areas. Please consult with your Architect, designer about right placement of wall openings. What’s even better is that it will save on your power bill too.

Natural light for eco friendly home

Install solar panels

solar panels atop of Eco friendly Home

Do you have privilege to own enough outdoor or Roof space? If yes, consider installing the solar panels to get an Environment friendly Home. Getting the solar energy in the house is one of the most eco-friendly things you can do. Thankfully, solar energy products are easily available in the market today. It might be a bit expensive in the beginning but over the years you will save a lot of money on account of reduced power bills.  At the same time, you would have done your bit to save the environment.

Recycle and reduce the waste

recycled content logoA lot of cities these days have introduced the recycling programs. Recycling is a great way to reduce the waste. Instead of sending the waste to sit in the landfill, recycling can help the environment in many ways. Recycling can also reduce the production of plastic, which is extremely detrimental to the environment. There are two things, you can look for while purchasing a new product for your Home. Look for the recyclable content of product. These days a lot of products comes with this information printed on them. Higher the recyclable content it has, the better it is for environment. Another aspect is to look for how much part of product is from recycled objects. Not everything come today is directly made from raw products, it might be made from recycling used products. By doing this, it carry double benefits, first reduced demand for raw material as well as reduced quantity of waste materials. These things may look small at individual level but make a tremendous impact at mass level.


Fix the leaks on time

You will be surprised to know that leakages account for hundreds of thousands of gallons of wastage of water every year. A leaky faucet in the bathroom or a worn out, rusty pipe in the basement has a big impact on the environment. This is the reason why it is extremely important to fix the leakage. In addition to environmental waste, it may be a safety hazard too, so better to take care rather than be sorry.


Reuse and upcycle

food decompositor

Recycling is one way to do your bit for the environment, reuse is another. Do you have empty plastic cookie containers you don’t need anymore? Instead of throwing the containers away put them to some use. For instance, you could use them to store the leftover food. You can also use them to plant the small plants or herbs. By reusing you make sure that they do not go to the landfills and contribute to methane and CO2 emission.

Use Products with marked Energy ratings

How to Make your Home Eco friendly? A lot of electronic products and appliances now come with their energy ratings. Energy ratings certify for how much energy-efficient these products are. Generally it is in form of nos. of stars. Higher the number of stars, the more energy-efficient the product is. The more energy-efficient, the product is, the lesser adverse impact it has on environment as well as on your pocket.