A teenage girl’s room is extremely special to the girl as she can dress up like a princess or be her own rock star. Her little own space needs to be styled up with lots or mirrors, curtains, frills, pink, her favorite rock star crush or with her favorite movie poster. We have a collection of awesome designs to style up a teenage girl’s room.

Perfect Pink:


Image Source:www.designdazzle.com

Most of the girls are in love with pink. We can design their room by duct taking the corners with glittery tape and using pink wallpapers. Beautiful curtains can be added to make it the kingdom of the princess

 Mix bag of Memories:

A teenage girl likes this cute stuff of decorating her wall with pictures of her girlfriends. Her first movie outing with her group or want to keep pictures of her childhood in a frame on the bed facing wall. All girls have this fascination of covering their walls with all the pictures from past or present favorite moments. We can use red color to paint the bed facing wall and decorate the bedsides by a little quote from her mother or the parent she loves the most.


Image Source: http://www.amazinginteriordesign.com/

Cool Closet:


Image Source: http://manual19.biz/

A teen girl is usually confused on what to wear so she has a huge collection of clothes. So a large is must in the room of our teen girl.  We should also give space for a dressing table and chair which matches up the lovely soft, comfortable rug of a bright, vibrant color.

Sturdy Studying tables:


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You must give her a corner with a comfortable study table- chair set. It can have a side drawer or a bookshelf for settling all her books. This study table can have a handmade pen holder, cute alarm clock and her family photograph which keeps her motivated to study well.

Free space for the free spirited girl:

Give a free space in front of the bed which is covered with a soft rug matching the curtains. This space is given to help her explore talents like dancing, art and craft, drawing her school project or playing indoors with her gang.


Image Source: https://www.waplag.net

Beautiful Bunk Beds or a Fanciful Fort:

Above the bed space either you can go for a bunk bed so as to accommodate a baby guest. The fort thing is also cool to give the teenager her own space for all the crazy mess so that her bed stays clean despite of the new experiments she is handling in her fort.


Image Source: http://homegoid.com/