Storage is the basic needs of any house. This is always a challenging task for home owners to find a perfect storage options for homes. How to add storage using cabinets and furniture which is flexible as well as look elegant and goes in line with space layout. So what are the storage options available to us now a days and how can we used them as per our need. How to add storage using cabinets and furniture inside your home? How we can maximize storage in our homes.  Browse through various storage options below.

How to add storage using cabinets and furniture?

Cool sliding Wardrobe


The modern home has incorporated things which have added immense value to the beauty as well as comfort to the house. One major feature is having a perfect wardrobe which is beautiful as well as provides good space and capacity for storing. No house is complete without a wardrobe and building or buying the perfect one is important according to the available space of the room. A wardrobe is an area used for storing garments that has evolved from cabinets, closets and lockers. The average house sizes are shrinking while the numbers of our garments are ever increasing every passing day. With numerous style options for everyday people tend to pile up clothes for all occasions varying from parties to formal wear so wardrobe size has to be designed with innovations to incorporate plenty of stock. So these spacious wardrobes meet those challenges in style. In addition to being a perfect storage, wardrobes also add beauty to the interior aura

Wooden Fixed Wardrobe cabinet

Movable Wardrobe:

The movable wardrobe can be easily shifted from one place to another depending on its requirement. These drawers have wheels on the end so dragging them into different corners becomes easy without scratching your lovely flooring. The movable wardrobe or drawers can be easily fitted into corners thus for people with transferable jobs or tenants carrying them becomes easy. These are especially advisable for peoples having kind of jobs requiring them to move over places frequently.

Trolley cart

Portable wardrobe

movable drawers

Fixed Bed Room Wardrobes:

Fitted wardrobes are elegance than the free standing ones as they appear as a part of the room. These wardrobes are in line of walls so they don’t require much space. Wardrobes nowadays have the choice of adjusting the number of shelves, drawers and baskets to suit the user’s need.

Wooden Fixed Wardrobe cabinet

Wooden Fixed Wardrobe cabinet

Wooden Fixed Wardrobe cabinet

TV Cabinets in Living room

A TV cabinet is an essential component of Living Room. There are magnitudes of design options available to choose from depending upon how much stuff, one want to keep there. Ranges vary from a simple large platform with drawers to floor to roof cabinet with fully or partially covered shelves.

Full height TV cabinet

Full height TV cabinet

Full height storage cabinet
Living room TV cabinet

Cupboards & Drawers in dining area

For the Dining Area, few types of Dining tables comes with flexibility of folding or extending them as per need. These particular dining tables have additional space for drawers (refer below Pic). These Drawers act as a storage for keeping dining essentials like pickles, hand towels, ketchup or cutlery set.

extendable dining tableIf the space allows, we can also provide for drawers or cupboards in Dining area to match with dining table theme. These can be used either to keep crockery, small exhibits, fruit basket, candle set or simply as a wine racks.

Wooden wine cabinet

Wine storage cabinet

Wine storage rack

Under Bed storage

The most vital piece of bedroom is furniture which requires least area and is spacious. Trendy homes flaunt beds with pull out drawers creates hidden storage space in your bedroom and make it spacious.Underbed storage

Underbed storage

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