Organising your closet is definitely not an easy thing to do. Most importantly if you are a working women and has to shuffle a lot between your home and your work place. To be genuine, if it comes to organising; and you are a cleanliness freak, you are ought to love the thing.
Once you get accustomed to the steps, it will definitely be freaking easy and interesting. Just think how frustrating it will be that you have got some really expensive and latest dress, but unable to find it in time thanks to your terribly organised closet? So How to keep Closet clean and organised, Expert Tips to maintain closets and organise stuff in them.
Here, we will explain you on how to make it easy to arrange and clean your closets. So why not we already get started?

Tips to maintain closets and organise stuff


Let’s begin with sorting out the clothes.

Sorting is the first thing you should do to make your closet organising work much easier. Once you sort the items in your closet, you are already 60% done with the organising.
First of all, remove all the clothes from the closet and put them on your bed. Then start sorting out which clothes you wear daily, which clothes you wear occasionally, which ought to wear during the other seasons or some special occasions, and which clothes you can donate or simply throw.
If you really want an organised closet, you shouldn’t do away with donating and throwing away step. If you have clothes either you already worn so much and has no particular sentimental value, Arrange and keep them separately, it’s time to do away with them. Same goes with the shoes and other accessories.


Clean the closet now.

Once you are done with the sorting of your clothes, and have finished folding it neatly, it’s now the time to clean your closet. Clean the closet with vacuum or just sweep the closet floor and walls as well. Also, look out for any cobwebs that might have accumulated in the closet and clean it all. Cleaning the closet is as important as organising them.


Start organising your clothes now:

Organise your clothes in such a way that you can easily find them when required. The best way to deal with this problem is to hang as many clothes as possible. Hang up the clothes according to what you will wear on a daily basis.
Another option is hanging your clothes by type. You can hang your tank tops, dresses, bottoms, scarves separately. This way it will be much simpler and easier too.
Then, comes the remaining clothes. These must be the clothes, you use less frequently. Put them in a separate part of your closet. Like, you can put them in a bag and keep in the space below your hanging clothes. This way, the space is also efficiently used without making it look less appealing.


Organise your shoes and the rest of your closet:

Your shoes are the next thing that takes up a lot of space in your closet. If you have large collection of shoes, sort it in the same way you have done the clothes. Arrange shoes, sandals, slippers, flip flops separately or arrange them by how often you wear them or as per your preferences.
Now, comes the rest of your closet. Organising all the other things in your closet in big boxes you can buy from the stores. If your closet is big enough, definitely it must contain all other items such as old photo frames, souvenirs, albums etc. Just take care that you put them all in separate boxes and keep neatly organised in the closet.
If you think about any papers that got the sentimental values, put them in the box and not just throw on the drawers. Label the boxes to make an easy search for items you need.



Make your closet more appealing:

Organising the closet is not enough for creative people, we know it better. So, after you are done with arranging and organising the stuffs, be little more creative and try to add some of the interesting pleasures to your closet.
You can either paint your closet with your favourite colour or paste Wall papers, stickers, some quotes or memories on it.



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