Everybody definitely desires to have their own, impressive and elegant kitchen in their homes. To be more specific, it’s often women, the queens of their homes who want to it to be more perfect and all sophisticated. Kitchen Cabinet Pantries vs Walk-in pantries. How to choose between kitchen cabinets & walk in pantries. Pros & cons of kitchen Cabinet & walk in Pantries.

How to choose between kitchen cabinets & walk in pantries:

When you are at the point of designing your own dream kitchen or even renovating your kitchen, the first battle you have to fight with your imagination is whether to have a cabinet pantry or walk-in pantry. Well, both have its own pros and cons, so let’s dig each one out thoughtfully so that the decision making becomes easier.

Pros & cons of kitchen Cabinet & walk in Pantries

Walk-in Pantries:



#1  Storage Capacity:

A well-built kitchen should always has a good storage capacity. If you want a kitchen with maximum storage capacity, walk-in pantry may definitely cater to your need. It will provide you more of the storage and is often recommended for large families.


#2 The organisation is more interesting:

Another excellent feature about the walk-in pantries is that you can easily organise and reorganise items as and whenever you need. You can be more creative and unique while organising items in your pantry. Of course, you can do the same in cabinet pantries as well, but they are not as efficient to handle as walk-in pantries.arge-pantry-walk-in-with-pull-out-shelves


#3 Electronic appliances can be stored as well:

If you are the person who wants your kitchen always clean and less messy with minimum items in the kitchen, you might like to have a walk-in pantry for sure. Walk-in pantry ensures that you can store some of the biggest appliances there. Like microwaves, slow cookers and deep-fryers.Walk in Pantry pantry



#1 Spread out problem:

Bigger, doesn’t always guarantees better. Sometimes you may be in the mood to whip up a quick dinner. And in cases of walk-in pantries, just collecting the ingredients may take unusually long time, which may not go well with your mood.

This is the main reason why most people prefer cabinet pantries where it is too convenient to take up the ingredients within a hand’s reach.

#2 Requires more cleaning:

Walk-in pantries always comes with a price. The space is larger and so the numbers of items in pantry, therefore the more necessity to clean the shelves and keep it dust free and tidy.

It may take a whole lot of time and effort to keep the pantry clean so if you like to keep your to-do-list simple, short and easy, you really must prefer cabinet pantry.

#3 Lot of space:

Walk-in pantries are almost impossible to get if you don’t have a privilege to own a large kitchen space. These cabinets will suit only in bigger kitchens. If you try to adjust it in the available space, it definitely will not look pleasing to your eyes. The kitchen will look smaller and lot messier.

Cabinet pantries:



#1 More centralized:

The most awesome feature of cabinet pantries is that you don’t have to search a lot of shelves to get the particular ingredient. All the ingredients will be kept closer to you and you will easily find what you need. So you can devote more time in cooking rather than looking.

#2 No excess space:

Another feature of cabinet pantries is that they don’t require a lot of space. You can have this pantry either inside or outside of kitchen. Both ways, it will save a lot of space, making your kitchen more organised and appealing.



#3 Accessible Storage:

Unlike walk-in pantries, where you have to literally search and dig your thoughts for the ingredients, cabinet pantries allow you to keep all of the within the reach of your eyes.


#1 Limited Storage Space:

Yes, this one is the main drawback of cabinet pantries. You may not get required storage space. The Kitchen is the only space which always looks out of space when it comes to storing the ingredients.

One good way to deal with it is to add an extra full height cabinet in the kitchen, but this also depend upon how big your kitchen is.


#2 Counter space will be minimized:

No matter how big the cabinet may be, it will definitely take up the counter space as well. Therefore, while opting for the cabinet pantry, all other delicacies such as counter space, other spacing options such as refrigerator, oven etc. must be well considered and thought of.

#3 Added Expense:

If you have already started buying things for your kitchen, you must have come to know how expensive the cabinets are.  Further customization like adding shelves and drawers will add more burden to your pocket.

These are some of the pros and cons for walk-in pantries and cabinet pantries. Be creative, design well and make an informed decision regarding your loving kitchen.


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