When your child reaches their teens they completely change their outlook and want to change the way their bedroom looks. Their ideas and hobbies change and they want different things; they need their bedroom to be their private space. They could stay there with all freedom and spend happy time with their friends. What should be the looks of Bedroom for your teenager child? Explore for Innovative and appealing design themes for teenager’s room look cool.

Camouflage Theme

teen-rooms-teen-bedroom-design-military-interior-themeDecorate using the shades of military green, brown and black along with grayish wooden textures with plentiful storage area, so that all the things can be kept in order. This entire arrangement makes the room loom sophisticated and classy. The camouflage look is popular with many teens.

Space for Two

shared teenage girls bedroomA tranquil spot with a huge wall-sized storage space, divided equally into two to help both your children’s stay organized. The subtle green, blue and wood texture looks attractive for a teen’s bedroom.


contemporary style Teen Room DesignThe vivid colors on the wall are bringing in positive energy to this space which will help your child stay motivated throughout his teen years. Each furniture and furnishing item has been specially selected, from the rustic table to the comfortable contemporary recliner chair or the trendy toy rack.

Sports Theme

Design-ideas-for-boys-bedrooms-sport-themedWhat teen doesn’t love sports? Depending on your teenager’s interests you could go with a contemporary or vintage sports teen bedroom theme. When creating a sports theme room your options are vast – you can incorporate many sports together or focus on a single favorite sport and look for accessories in coordinating colors

Hippie Way

hippy-styled-bedroom-design-themeCombine vibrant shades with neutral tones to create a happy, healthy, peaceful place for him to relax– you can achieve this in a teen boy’s room by using throw pillows or a great hippie mural. A teenage hippie needs his own space to be himself, and you can achieve this goal with a combination of shades that inspire creativity while promoting peace.

Adoring Mess

vintage-teenage-bedroom-interior-designThough the environment appears a little messed up however it has its own unique enthusiasm for the teenager boys. The most loved contrasting mix of red and blue is further adding a sophisticated touch to the room.

Playful Car Theme

boys-car-bedroom-car-themed-bedroomsAnother popular theme for a teen boy’s bedroom is a car theme. If your son loves cars, whether they are old classic cars or the current hot racing cars, there are plenty of ideas that can go with a car theme. Pictures of cars can be framed and hung on the walls while a mural of a speedway can be painted on the walls.


Simple yet elegant Teen Room decorWhatever you decide to do with the décor– don’t forget to keep it classy. The explosion of multiple colors and decor items is incredible as it is defining the space, making it alluring for your teen boy to spend his free time. Additionally, it has a useful storage area.

Simple Ambience

Colorful-and-contemporary-kids-room-interior-design-ideaA stylish and chic selection of shades and furniture reflects the unique decision of your child. You can also keep the ambiance simple like this one. Take a look at the exquisite and alluring painting on the beige wall, the navy blue on the maroon and the play of dull and light shading.
This is a critical phase of their growing up; therefore, having a kind of bedroom design that will fit into their mood swings and attitude is vital. When choosing a teen bedroom design, make sure you understand everything about your teenagers. Now, go ahead and decorate your teenager boy’s bedroom the way he likes it– get him involved in the entire process too.

Hope, you have enjoyed-  Innovative and appealing design themes for teenager’s room look cool.

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